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Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Hillsboro School District Strategic Plan

The District has operated under three strategic plans since 2000.  These strategic plans have articulated the District's mission, goals and focus area as it strives to increase the achievement of all students.  The District feels that a clear and focused plan is critical to communicating its priorities to all stakeholders, serves as a roadmap to success, and helps to align efforts toward a common, student-centered outcome.
Year 3 (2013-14) Graphic Organizer and Progress Reports

Click the strategy area headings below to see the progress report for each segment.


  1. Design and implement collaborative professional development opportunities to accelerate the implementation of:
    1. Standards Based Teaching and Learning;
    2. The Bilingual Program Model; and
    3. Professional Learning Communities

  2. Continue to develop curriculum resources-including tools for standards based teaching,  formative assessments and instructional technology-for all content areas K-12, and support staff in their effective use

  3. Build and support communication structures to foster shared decision-making and instructional leadership with all stakeholders


  1. Utilize a variety of media to convey accurate, timely and relevant information to all stakeholders

  2. Increase the number of opportunities at both district facilities and in the community to promote meaningful engagement, volunteerism and participation


  1. Utilize the long range planning committee to develop an equitable prioritization process for the updating of all learning environments

  2. Support facility needs necessary to effectively implement the Technology Enhancement Plan


  1. Develop and implement a sustainable district-wide anti-bullying and harassment campaign

  2. Simplify , promote and practice emergency procedures across all district facilities


  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive professional development plan that meets the diverse needs of our community

  2. Implement and refine the recruitment, hiring and retention processes necessary to support the instructional needs of all students

 Strategic Priority: W.L. Henry and Lincoln Street Elementary Schools

  1.  Address the student performance in both district Level 1 schools through after-school tutoring and staff professional development.
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