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Thank you to our Donors & Partners 

District-wide Partnerships


Tammy Heckenliable
Applications & Eligibility



Coleen Garrett
Middle and High School
Volunteer Coordinator

Katie Russell-Willis
Elementary School
Volunteer Coordinator

How To Volunteer

Volunteers can really make a big difference in the educational experience for our students. From helping out in the classroom, to providing career planning assistance, to running after-school clubs, volunteers are welcome and appreciated at all of our schools. And whether you’re interested in a one-time, one-hour project or an ongoing opportunity, we can find something for you! For more information, contact our volunteer coordinators - Coleen Garrett for middle or high schools, and Katie Russell-Willis for elementary schools via email or phone 503-844-1770.

Classroom/School Volunteers Requirements: >> Read More

Volunteer Coaches/Activity Advisors Requirements: >> Read More

Featured Volunteer Opportunties

10/5/16 - Americorps Partnerships for Student Achievement PSA - Positions available for the 2016-17 school year - Click here

SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) is currently recruiting volunteer Readers for programs in Hillsboro.SMART is a book and reading program that builds literacy skills in PreK-3rd grade students by pairing them with community volunteers. Readers spend one-on-one time with students to inspire a love of books and reading.The Reader position is a very rewarding volunteer position and is essential to our program.

The commitment is only one hour per week for the duration of the SMART program year, October – May. Training and orientation is provided before the program starts with ongoing support from the SMART staff throughout the program year, if needed.Volunteers accepted year-round! Sign up atwww.getsmartoregon.org/volunteeror contact SMART staff at 971-634-1628 or metro@getsmartoregon.org

SMART Sites and Specific Volunteer Needs: 


  • Co-Coordinator Needed
  • Readers Needed

Free Orchards

  • Readers Needed

W.L. Henry Elementary and Head Start

  • Site Coordinators Needed
  •  Readers Needed

Lincoln Street

  • Readers Needed


W. Verne McKinney

  • Co-Coordinator Needed
  • Readers Needed

Minter Bridge

  • Readers Needed


  • Site Coordinator Needed
  • Readers Needed

Witch Hazel

  • Readers Needed

AVID tutors at Poynter and Evergreen Middle Schools. AVID is a school-wide approach to curriculum that teaches skills and behaviors for academic success and increases college readiness.  If you would like to make a lifetime difference in a student, contact Elida Hernandez at Poynter, 503-844-1580, or Laraine Gordon at Evergreen, 907-957-6982.

Hillsboro School District Voted Best Place to Volunteer

Thank you so much to the greater Hillsboro community for voting Hillsboro School District the Best Place to Volunteer in 2016! Nominations and voting were conducted through the City of Hillsboro’s annual Best of Hillsboro Awards. Winners for 2016 were announced at the July 19, 2016, City Council meeting. Click the Read More link below to see the City’s press release. We love our volunteers and thank you so much for all you do for our students and schools!

Spotlight on Volunteers & Donors

Featured Volunteers High School

Ed Bunch and Pete Steinfeld, Hilhi

Ed Bunch is a retired engineer from Intel who coaches our FTC Robotics teams. Ed brings industry experience to our club and teaches the team members how to organize and run their projects, set deadlines and track them, and work together as a team. Ed is here twice a week after school without fail and has had a real impact on student performance in our competitive robotics club.

Pete Steinfeld is a retired engineer from IBM. Pete coaches our after school Game Development club. His ties with IBM have helped us obtain their funding which completely supports this club. Pete has leveraged his expertise in software development and project management to teach the students industry standard techniques to work together effectively and manage their projects and goals. Pete has also mentored our competitive robotics teams with the same expertise. He has been very generous with his time and has brought in other mentors for the after school clubs, helping the students learn about career areas in software and robotics.

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Laura Sutherland, Butternut Creek

Laura Sutherland is a standout volunteer at Butternut Creek.  She comes in everyday and helps in Mrs. Rogers’ 2nd grade classroom with the Daily 5 lesson. Thank you Laura!

Featured Volunteers Elementary

Jagat Shakya, Cindy Davidson and Chris Ansari, Ladd Acres

Jagat Shakya quickly volunteered to run the Lego Robotics program within a short time period to get the team ready for competition. He gives his time every Thursday afternoon and during the Fall, every Saturday tohelp our new team in their endeavors. His family opens their home on the weekend so that the team can practice in his garage. Jagat is very intelligent and the students respond well to his coaching. He has also given his time to meet with me to make plans for the team. Mr. Shakya has been our coach for two years now and we are hoping he will help one more year. Ladd Acres would not have had a Lego robotics team if it wasn’t for him. I am so grateful for his positive attitude and willingness to coach our students while teaching them the value of engineering and teamwork.” ~ Laurie Cameron, 6th Grade teacher,

STEM Coordinator Cindy Davidson has already dedicated so much effort, time and expertise to the Garden Club. She wanted to run the program all year long and have the kids to give input on the kids of gardens and plants they wanted to see on our campus. She has had them draw up maps to show their ideas and is hoping to make big changes around our school. She meets with students every Tuesday and has been working with the principal and PTA to try to make our students dreams come true. She has shown amazing leadership and passion for the kids and for gardening. We really appreciate her at Ladd and can’t wait to see what beautiful plants will be added to our surroundings in the spring. She is helping Ladd to “reach for the stars and achieve success.” Laurie Cameron, 6th Grade teacher, STEM Coordinator

Over the past two years, Chris Ansari has volunteered on a regular basis with our Crazy 8s After School Math Program.  Chris is a coach for Crazy 8s, and he comes each week to bring fun real- world math activities and experiments to our students Grades 3-5.  The hours he puts in coaching and preparing are priceless and we would not be able to implement the program without his help!  He works closely with our student teachers and allows them opportunities to be leaders as well through the Crazy 8s program.  With Chris' help, the club quickly became one of the most popular after school clubs and the students love working with him.  We really appreciate you, Chris!

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Dana Ewert, Jackson

Dana Ewert is an exceptional volunteer for Jackson Elementary School.  She is willing to help every staff member with projects large or small, scheduled or unplanned.  She organizes families to bring food for the teachers often, including every single school day in December when we does the 12 Days of Christmas.  She sets up, checks in, cleans up, and seems to thoroughly enjoy seeing us smile when we see the yumminess she has brought each day.  I don’t know what we would do without Dana!

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Amy Kilpatrick, Mooberry

I am so incredibly thankful to have Amy Kilpatrick as a parent and volunteer at Mooberry Elementary School. Amy is completely on board with the values of our school and works tirelessly to support them. As the unofficial head of the Mooberry Community Corral (our PTO), Amy works both behind the scenes at and at the forefront to help our school with anything and everything it needs. There are several other very deserving volunteers who make the MCC awesome, yet Amy stands above due to the countless hours she has dedicated to our school. The fundraising activities that she has led include the fall fundraiser, Fall Carnival, Holiday Bazaar, raffles, sales (t-shirts, wreaths, tamales), and restaurant nights, among other things. The end result is the financing of programs and items that we otherwise would not be able to purchase given our budget. Through her work, we have funded the purchase of new classroom furniture, new PE equipment, student awards to promote good attendance, and our staff wellness initiative. The work that Amy has done through the MCC will benefit Mooberry students now and in the future, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her on our side.

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Peter and Janelle Lalic, Tobias

Peter and Janelle Lalic have been Tobias parents for a decade and have been an invaluable addition to our community.  Over the years they have volunteered at Tobias in a number of different ways.  Peter and Janelle dedicate multiple hours a week to coach Tobias’s LEGO Robotics team, the RoboTIgers.  Students who are a part of this team, learn valuable collaboration and problem solving skills.  This requires them to spend their evenings and weekends helping students with a project that runs from late September to January.  They have also given their time individually to Tobais.  Peter has served on the STEM Site Council and was instrumental in helping Tobias secure a grant for a 3D printer and run a 3D printing afterschool club.  Janelle has served as the webmaster for Tobias for several years.  Through their dedication to learning and a willingness to share their passion for technology with students, they have helped Tobias students become college and career ready for the 21 st Century.


Featured Volunteers High School

Justin and Joni Howe, Glencoe

Justin and Joni Howe joined our parent group this year. In just the last few months we have seen our membership increase and the presence of the parent group on campus is amazing. Justin and Joni, with the support of other parents, have started Crimson Coffee for students and staff and soon the new student store will reveal a new look and new gear. Thanks Justin and Joni for supporting GHS and for helping us grow.

Featured Volunteer Middle School

Sue Powell, Evergreen

Evergreen Middle School would like to recognize Sue Powell as a ‘standout volunteer’. First and foremost, Sue is such a great person. She has a heart of gold and cares so much about the students at Evergreen. If you visit Evergreen on weekday mornings, you will undoubtedly see her helping out in some way or another. Every Monday morning, along with a few student volunteers, Sue hands out school supplies to students as they walk through the main entrance. She continuously organizes staff appreciation meals and celebrations. She’s an excellent communicator, and we see her as a part of our Evergreen family. Thanks Sue for all that you do!

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Monte Crawford, Eastwood

Monte Crawford brings a smile to my face every time I see him volunteering at our school!  He is always greeting staff and students in a friendly way, even bringing the office staff apples and special treats to brighten their day.  This is my 3rd year at Eastwood and he has been volunteering ever since I have been here, and I think even a few more years before I came.  He helps our custodians make our school not only clean, but sparkle, and helps out our students at lunch time.  He is so dedicated, that many times he volunteers every day during a 5 day week when he can, as well as helping out in the summer.  He even helped do big projects like painting our staff lounge during the summer!  Monte is amazing and is the true example of what volunteers should be- he works to help out our staff and students, not expecting anything in return but friendship!  He has become part of our Eastwood family!” Principal Lindsay Garcia

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Kelly Burton, Lincoln Street

Kelly Burton has been the contact person for the past year and a half to help run the community volunteers. She has coordinated the community volunteers to help in classes. She organized our small little food bank, “Paw Pantry”. This is for families that struggle to put food on the table and can come once a week to shop. She has sat many times here waiting to speak to our principal, to meet with her to find better ways to help with our staff and families. She has been doing an amazing job.

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Shauna Rogers and Teal Bernhardt, Quatama

It is with great pleasure that Quatama Elementary nominates Shauna Rogers and Teal Bernhardt as outstanding parent volunteers. They are both serving on the parent board as President and Vice-President and have embraced their roles with joyful and enthusiastic hearts. They are willing to take on any task and run with it. Shauna is here daily checking on what needs to be done and working in her son’s classrooms. Teal does the laminating for the school two days a week in addition to volunteering in her daughter's classrooms as well as procuring Quatama gear. They attend the spirit day assemblies and run the CCC booth selling spirit gear to staff and students. They work hard to be inclusive in their role-inviting parents in many ways to attend meetings and events. Teal attended Taking it Up with HSD staff last year and Shauna is excited to attend this March.They are the welcoming voice of the Coyote Community Club facebook page and communicate regularly with our principal and office staff to ensure good, positive communication reflective of school mission and vision. When thinking about what makes Quatama great, these two volunteers are among the many reasons!

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Darrell Wright, Orenco

Darrell Wright has been a volunteer at Orenco Elementary for 14 years. His daughter is a Second Grade Teacher at Orenco- Julie Snyder. He is a retired Superintendent of the Jefferson County School District and began his career as a Music Teacher. The first day he came to help he came to school wearing a tie- and now over the years has built up a collection of 50 ties! The kids always look to see "what tie are you wearing today Mr. Wright" Mr. Wright started out helping with writing, and also works with small groups, and helps with the "I love a book parade". He will help with anything Orenco needs and loves Orenco School Thank you for your years of service Mr. Wright!

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Laurie Bennett, Imlay

The Imlay community would like to recognize one of many wonderful and dedicated volunteers, Laurie Bennett. Imlay recently completed our twelfth annual fundraiser, the Eagle Walk & Roll. This wonderful event is a huge undertaking and Laurie has been in charge of coordinating, planning, organizing, gathering numerous volunteers, and generally involving the community through donations and their time, ending our fundraiser with an assembly and recognition celebration. The entire student body benefits from this excellent school fundraiser. We want to say “Thank you” and show our appreciation to Mrs. Bennett for all of her time and energy dedicated over the years!

Featured Volunteer Elementary

Jodi Anderson and Wendy Applegarth West Union

Jodi Anderson has been volunteering at West Union since 2010. She began by volunteering in her daughter’s classroom and that has grown into volunteering with the running club, hospitality committee, organizing the carnival, the father/daughter dance and mother/son night. She has served 2 years as the West Union Community Club Vice President and a year as the President. Jodi volunteerism has been a tremendous asset to the families and staff at West Union!

Wendy Applegarth is a dedicated parent volunteer at West Union Elementary who started volunteering in the classroom during the 2013-14 school year. Today she continues to volunteer in the classroom, as well as, various activities all over the school.

Wendy Applegarth.png

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