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Thoughtexchange Processes

Current Process

The Share step of our spring 2016 Thoughtexchange process will run from April 4-13, 2016. The Star step will begin in late April.


If you did not receive a personalized e-mail to participate in the process, please click this link to self-register: http://hsd.thoughtexchange.com/invitation/


In the summer of 2014, Hillsboro School District partnered with a company named Thoughtexchange to open a broad community dialogue about our schools.


Over the course of the next four years (through 2017-18), there will be two dialogue sessions per year in which staff, students, parents and other community patrons can share their thoughts on key issues affecting the District. 


Websites with full results from each dialog session can be accessed by clicking on the links to the left. 


Questions about Thoughtexchange can be directed to Communications Director Beth Graser (503-844-1772 or x2772).

Spring 2016 Thoughtexchange Process

Building Career and College Pathways in Hillsboro School District

Entering the public school system is a bit like opening a door and facing a flight of stairs.  From the moment a child begins kindergarten, they are walking up the staircase—gaining knowledge and skills along the way that prepare them for their next step.  High school graduation is like reaching a landing area at the top of their stairs and then facing several more doors—doors that lead to a 4-year college or university, doors that lead to a 2-year college, doors that lead to vocational training or apprenticeships, doors that lead to the military, and doors that lead straight to the world of work.  Our goal is for all Hillsboro School District students to reach the top of the staircase with their diploma in one hand and a set of keys in the other—keys that will unlock any of the doors that interest them.


But how do students learn about their options and explore what interests them?  How do they make informed decisions about what to study so that they are prepared to pursue a certain path after high school?  That is where the District’s Career and College Pathways work comes in.


The goal of the work is to ensure that all students are career and college aware, eligible, and prepared.  To that end, we have been working with counselors and teachers to clearly identify career- and college-related learning activities that are age-appropriate for students from elementary school all the way through high school and beyond.  We have implemented the Naviance system to help students not only explore and apply for colleges and scholarships, and to learn about a wide variety of occupations; but also to track their own progress and grades, and keep examples of their best work.


We are working with local colleges and universities to create programs of study that are useful to our students, and to identify high school classes that can earn students college credit as well (dual credit courses). We are also growing the number of Career-Technical Education (CTE) programs that are offered in our schools, such as Fire Science, Automotive Technology, Welding and Machining, Culinary, Engineering Drafting, and so on, to give students practical experiences and job skills they can use immediately.  In addition, we are partnering with a number of local businesses, civic organizations, the City of Hillsboro, and individuals to provide internships, job shadows, and other career-related learning opportunities to students. 



  1. What opportunities and programs do you feel are important to offer students as they explore their after-high school options?
  2. Thinking about the jobs and career fields in our community that will require a skilled workforce in the future, what ideas do you have for strengthening, improving, or growing the Career and College Pathways work?

  3. What questions do you have about the District’s Career and College Pathways work?

  4. What else would you like to say?


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