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Job Descriptions

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Assistant Principal
Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services
Assistant Superintendent - Office for School Performance
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Information Officer
Coordinator of Bilingual Programs
Coordinator of College and Career Pathways
Coordinator of Student Services
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning
Coordinator of Testing and Evaluation
Director of Alternative Programs
Director of Communications
Director of Business Services
Director of Equity and Human Resources
Director of Extra Curricular Programs and Community Outreach
Director of Human Resources
Director of Nutrition Services
Director of Safety and Operations
Director of Student Services
Director of Transportation Services
Elementary Principal
Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Property
Executive Director of Office for School Performance
Executive Director of Student Services
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Facilities Coordinator
High School Principal
Middle School Principal
On-Line Principal
Superintendent of Schools


Application Secretary
Assistant Cook, Elementary - Middle - High
Attendance Secretary - High School
Auto Service Worker
Bakery Manager
Bilingual Assistant 1
Bilingual Department Secretary 1
Bilingual Secretary 2
Bilingual Assistant 2
Bilingual Interpreter and Translator

Bus Driver Trainer
Bus Driver
Bus Seat Repair Worker
Campus Security
Communications Specialist
Cook 1 Middle and High School
Cook 2 Elementary Satellite Manager
Cook 2 Elementary School Manager
Cook 3 Middle School Manager
Cook 3 Production Kitchen
Cook 4 High School Manager
Cook 5 High School Kitchen Production Manager
Courier 1
Courier 2
Custodian 1, Head Day Custodian, Elementary
Custodian 2, Head Day, Middle School
Custodian 3, Head Day, High School
Custodian Day - Night
Custodian Night Lead
Data Analyst - EL/Migrant
Data Technician - EL Migrant
Data Technician - Workstation Application
Data Technician Nutrition Services Systems Support
Data Technician Transportation
Department Secretary 1 Facilities, Planning, and Property
Department Secretary 2
Department Secretary 3 - ESL Migrant Education
Department Secretary 3 - Student Services
Department Secretary 3 Business Office
Department Secretary 4 - Facilities
Department Secretary 3 - Technology Services
Department Secretary 1 - Transportation
Department Secretary 4 - Transportation
Director's Secretary
Dispatcher 1
Dispatcher 2
Employee Benefits Assistant
Evaluation Specialist Assistant
Financial Assistant - Nutrition Services
Family and Community Engagement Liaison
Family Resource Manager - Early Learning
Financial Assistant 1
Financial Assistant 2

General Accountant
Graduation Coach
Groundskeeper 1
Groundskeeper 2
Groundskeeper 3 Lead
Groundskeeper 3 Lead-Irrigation & Wetland Mgt.
Health Room Assistant
High School Data Technician
Hispanic Community Outreach Worker
Human Resources Assistant II
Kitchen Helper
Maintenance 2
Maintenance 3 Lead
Maintenance 3 Locksmith
Maintenance 3
Maintenance 4 Lead
Maintenance 4
McKinney Vento Liaison
Mechanic 1
Mechanic 2
Mechanic 3
Mechanic 3 - Foreman
Mechanic 4
Media Assistant 1
Media Assistant 2
Nutrition Services Bilingual Office Assistant
Nutrition Services Catering Assistant
Nutrition Services Support Lead
Office Manager 2 Elementary and Middle Schools
Office Manager 2 High School, MEC, Facilities
Office Manager 2 Transportation Services
Office Manager Nutrition Services
Office Secretary 2 Applications Office
Payroll Assistant I
Payroll Assistant II
Payroll Assistant II-PERS
Print Shop Operator 2
Receptionist - Administration Center
Receptionist - Transportation
Registrar - High School
Registrar - Middle School
Regular Education Assistant- Title 1
Regular Education Assistant 2 Career Center
Regular Education Assistant 2
Routing Liaison
Regular Education Assistant 3 Technology Facilitator
Regular Educational Assistant 2 Teen Mom
School to Work Consultant I
School to Work Consultant II
Secondary Night Lead Custodian
Secretary 1
Secretary 2
Secretary 2 ERC LRC
Secretary 3 Bookkeeper - Student Funds
Secretary 3 Office Support
Secretary 3 Counseling - High School
Secretary 3 High School Athletics
Secretary 3 School Improvement and Student Services
Special Education Assistant 2 Resource
Special Education Assistant 3 Adapted PE Assistant
Special Education Assistant 3 Self-Contained Programs
Special Education Assistant 4 Licensed Practical Nurse - Registered Nurse
Special Education Assistant 2 - Transition
Support Assistant - Nutrition Services
Technology Customer Support I
Technology Customer Support II
Technology Integration
Technology Integration - Department
Transportation Assistant
Warehouse 1
Warehouse 2
Warehouse 3, Facilities Maintenance
Warehouse 3, Nutrition Services


Adapted Physical Education Specialist
Associate Teacher - Hillsboro Online Academy
Athletic Director
Autism Disorder (ASD) Consultant
Beginning Teacher Mentor
Behavioral Specialist
Bilingual Coach
Care Coordinator
District Librarian
District Media Specialist
District Music Coordinator
District Nurse
District PE Coordinator
ESL Migrant Education Teacher
Instructional Intervention Coach
Resource Specialist
Safety and Emergency Preparedness Manager
School Psychologist
Speech Language Pathologist
STEAM Building Coach
STEAM Feeder Lead Coach
Support Specialist
TAG (Talented and Gifted) District Coordinator
TAG Elementary School Coordinator
TAG Secondary School Coordinator

Teacher - Academic Options Support
Teacher - Life Skills
Teacher - Transition Specialist
Teacher - Career Center
Teacher - Classroom
Teacher - McKinney-Vento Grant for Homeless Students
Teacher - Music
Teacher - Physical Education
Teacher - Social Learning Center
Teacher - Title 1
Title 1 Coach
TOSA - Dean of Students
TOSA – ESL – Title 1-M
TOSA - OSP - STEAM Program Development
TOSA - STEM Colleges & Careers
TOSA - Technology Innovation Strategist
TOSA – Title III


Application Support Analyst I
Application Support Analyst II
Desktop Architect
Developer Programmer 1
Employee Benefits Supervisor
Executive Assistant to Board of Directors
Executive Assistant to Superintendent
Evaluation and Student Management Specialist
Finance Manager Accounting and Purchasing
Finance Manager General Ledger and Grants
Human Resource Specialist
Human Resource Supervisor
Manager of Technology Services
Multimedia Specialist
Payroll Supervisor
Print Shop Supervisor
Resource Conservation Manager
Risk Manager
Manager of Network and Operations
Senior Software Developer - Analyst
Supervisor - Custodial Services
Supervisor Facility and Maintenance
Supervisor Nutrition Services
Supervisor of Transportation II
Supervisor of Transportation III
System Support Specialist I
System Support Specialist II
Technology Reporting Specialist
Web Specialist Designer
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