Safety Alert

4/23/14, 2:50 PM - Glencoe High School and Evergreen Middle School - the school is currently in a lock-out as a suspicious person outside the school has been reported. Police have been alerted and are responding. UPDATE 4:27 PM - Two events occurred at Glencoe High School this afternoon which caused a lock-in to occur at both Glencoe and Evergreen. The first incident involved Hillsboro Police and Glencoe administration responding to a specific threat that had been made by a student towards a staff member. As police and staff were working to locate the student, a person driving in the Glencoe area called in and reported an individual with a handgun in the vicinity. Police and administration responded with a room by room search to ensure student safety.  Since the Hillsboro Police Department confirmed that there was not a threat to students, all students were released from school. The police will continue to investigate these two separate incidents.

4/23/14, 2:50 PM - Glencoe High School and Evergreen Middle School - la escuela secundaria Glenco se encuntra en bloqueo de entrada debido a que se ha reportado una persona sospechosa afuera de la escuela. La policia ha sido alertada y estan respondiendo a la situación. UPDATE 4:27 PM - Esta tarde ocurrieron dos incidentes en la Escuela Glencoe lo que dio por resultado que se cerraran las escuelas Glencoe y Evergreen. En el primero de ellos, estuvo involucrada la policía de Hillsboro y la Administración de Glencoe respondieron ante una amenaza que le hizo un estudiante a un miembro del personal. Mientras la policía y el personal trataban de localizar al estudiante, una persona que estaba manejando en el área de Glencoe, llamó y reportó a un individuo que portaba un arma en las cercanías. La policía y la administración de la escuela, buscaron salón por salón para asegurarse de que los estudiantes estuvieran bien. Ya que el departamento de Policía de Hillsboro informó que no existía una amenaza para los estudiantes, todos ellos pudieron salir de la escuela. La policía continúa investigando estos dos incidentes que no están relacionados entre sí. 

Volunteer Opportunities
  • High Schools: Need volunteers to help out in libraries. Donating a few hours each week would help immensely. Mentors are also needed to help students with their post-high school planning. This may include assisting students with resumes, scholarships, the college search, college applications, job exploration and career-related learning experiences.
  • Butternut Creek: Needs volunteers to read with 1st grade students on a one-on-one basis, or in a small group. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • Free Orchards: Needs volunteers to help with shelving books and shelf reading in their library.  If you are interested, please contact Nancy Upton at:, or 503-844-1140.

  • Click here to apply and see a full list of volunteer opportunities at other schools.
The Latest News

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Administrative Announcements

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Superintendent Scott recently announced the selection of three staff members for new administrative

A Focus on Communications

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Throughout this school year, a concerted effort has been made to improve and increase communication

W.L. Henry Elementary School Completes its First Right Brain Artist Residency

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Contact:               Beth Graser, Communications Director       503-844-1772,

Board Approves 2014-15 Calendar; Adds Back Snow Days for Staff Only

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March 20, 2014, Hillsboro, OR –At their meeting on Tuesday, March 18, the Hillsboro School Board

Hillsboro School District Boundary Adjustment Proposal Approved

Posted 35 days ago
March 19, 2014, Hillsboro, OR –At their meeting on Tuesday, March 18, Hillsboro School Board members

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