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Transfer Requests


Transfers will be evaluated on several factors, which may include the reason for the request, student history, and space availability. There are no guarantees of approval.

Please review transfer policies and criteria, read the application form carefully before signing, and attach all necessary documentation.

Incomplete requests or requests received after the stated deadlines may be returned without consideration.

You may mail or drop off your transfer requests to your school or the District Administration Office at 3083 NE 49th Place, Hillsboro, OR 97124 (just north of the Brookwood Library) or by fax to 503-844-1557.

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Student Transfers - General Information

Transfers are required for students to attend a school other than their "home school"-- the school assigned based on the parent/guardian's legal address of residence.

If you wish to attend your home school, then simply enroll at that school with all the necessary paperwork. Your new school will arrange for an exchange of records from the previous school. For Hillsboro School District attendees, enrollment information is on the enrollment page under the Parents tab.

Note that your city of residence does not define your school district. The Hillsboro School District comprises parts of several cities, including Banks, Beaverton, Cornelius and Portland, in addition to Hillsboro. Boundaries also may run across housing developments and apartment complexes. To confirm your home school, please call our Transportation Department at 503-844-1123.

There are two main types of transfers:


  • In-District -- transfers within the Hillsboro School District
  • Inter-District -- transfers between the Hillsboro School District and another district (i.e., Banks, Beaverton or Forest Grove School Districts).

    The sections on this page provide information on boundaries, timelines, forms, and policies related to student transfers. Transfers will be evaluated on several factors,which may include availability of space at the school and grade level, the reason for the request, and student history. There are no guarantees of approval; please read all terms carefully before applying.

    Click on the following links to view current District policies related to school assignments and transfers:

    JECC: Assignment of Students to Schools

    JECC-JC-AR: In-District Transfers

    JECB: Inter-District Transfers

    JECC-JC-JECB-AR Appendix B: Schedule and Priority Order

    JECF: Inter-District Releases and Processing

    In-District Transfers

    The in-district process applies to Hillsboro School District residents only who wish to apply to schools within the Hillsboro School District. All resident students need to be enrolled in the Hillsboro School District before submitting a transfer request.

    January 5 - 23, 2015 - Priority Window for 2015-16 School Year, Grades 1-12 (CLOSED)

    Requests received after January 23 will be held for consideration in the next window.


    April 2 - May 29, 2015 - Grades 1-12 Late Request Window for 2015-16 School Year (CLOSED)


    August 1 - 21, 2015 - Kindergarten Request Window for 2015-16 School Year

    Every attempt will be made to notify families about the status of their request prior to August 28. However, some schools may not be able to act on requests until after that date when they have a better idea of their resident student enrollment.


    Outside of these windows, consideration will be made for transfers related to mid-year moves and extreme hardships only. Please allow several days for processing.

    Click here for information about our Options Program transfer process.


    Requests related to No Child Left Behind/Annual Yearly Progress (NCLB/AYP) transfers are currently not being accepted. Click here for information about the State of Oregon's request to renew its waiver from NCLB requirements.



    In-District Transfer Request

    In-District Transfer Request Spanish



    Inter-District Transfers

    The inter-district transfer process is governed by state laws as well as district policies. This process applies to resident students who wish to transfer to other districts (e.g., Beaverton or Forest Grove School Districts) or non-residents who wish to transfer into the Hillsboro School District. This does not apply to residents who wish to transfer to a school within the Hillsboro School District (see in-district transfer tab).

    Please read inter-district transfer policies carefully before submitting your request.

    May 1-29, 2015 - Standard Process for Grades K-12 (Open)

    Students wishing to transfer into or out of the Hillsboro School District must complete transfer requests at both resident and non-resident school District offices.  At its meeting on April 28, the Hillsboro School Board voted to allow up to 40 non-resident students to request a transfer to Hillsboro School District schools for 2015-16, and to allow up to 40 resident students to request a release so that they may attend school in a different district.


    Non-Resident Students

    By May 29, 2015, students who wish to attend a school in the Hillsboro School District may submit their application for a standard inter-district transfer only for a school/grade with open slots. If there are more applications than available slots, the District will conduct a lottery to fill the slots. This type of transfer also requires permission from the home district. Please check with your home district for their timelines and process. 


    Resident Students

    Students residing in Hillsboro School District wishing to attend another district may submit their application for release by May 29, 2015.  The Hillsboro School Board has approved the release of up to 40 students for the 2015-16 school year. If there are more applications than the 40 allotted, an equitable lottery will be conducted.


    Inter-District Transfer Process Document

    Inter-District Transfer Request Form

    Inter-District Transfer Request Form Spanish

    Notification will be sent by June 30, 2015

    Terms of acceptance

    The accepting district shall determine the length of HB2747 transfers. Other terms will be written in the acceptance letter and applied in a consistent, non-discriminatory way to all similarly-situated students.




    March 1-April 1, 2015 -- HB3681 Open Enrollment Process (Closed)

    Students residing in other districts who wish to attend a school in the Hillsboro School District may submit their application for an HB3681 transfer only for a school/grade with open slots. If there are more applications than available slots, the District will conduct a lottery to fill the slots. This type of transfer does not require permission from the home district.


    Requests must be submitted to the District Administration Center by April 1, 5 p.m. Applications will not be accepted if they are faxed or time-stamped after April 1, or requesting a school or grade level that does not have open slots. Notifications will be mailed by April 30.


    OSAA eligibility rules apply for high school transfers. For the full text of the OSAA Position Statement, please click here or contact OSAA at 503-682-6722.




    Please direct transfer-related questions to Marleen Zytniowski: 503-844-1771zytniowm@hsd.k12.or.us.

    Please visit the other district's website or contact their administrative office for more information about their transfer timelines and procedures as well as non-residents' eligibility for academic programs you may be requesting. Differing timelines will be accommodated as feasible.

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