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Parent Groups

Parent groups exist at each of our schools to assist the staff in promoting and supporting student achievement and activities.  They provide a critical link between school and home--helping share information and ideas, planning and holding events that build a positive climate, and raising funds for equipment and programs.


Guidance for parent organizations and schools

The District does not coordinate fundraisers--we leave this to our schools and school-based parent organizations.  We also do not expressly promote specific fundraising organizations or opportunities. We will only post information about organizations and/or activities if it comes as a recommendation through our parent organizations.  If you would like to contact one or more of our parent organizations about a fundraising opportunity, please do so directly.  If a parent organization has concerns about whether or not a certain fundraising activity would be allowed, they may contact Beth Graser in Communications.


PTO/PTA Contacts
Brookwood Booster Club Malinda Teague, President mrushing1@hotmail.com   
Butternut Creek PTC Kathy Blake, President blake.kathy123@gmail.com Cindy Brehm, Vice President cindy.brehm@comcast.net
Eastwood PTA Stacey Knapp, President  
Farmington View - Bobcat Boosters Jennifer Rychlik
Free Orchards PTO Shelley Malmgren, President, shelleymalmgren@hotmail.com Brittney Anderson, Vice President, brittneyanderson07@gmail.com
Groner PTO Nicki Volz, President, nicki@volzpdx.com  
Imlay PTA Alicia Glasscock, Co-President, glasscoa@hsd.k12.or.us Anita Hansen, Co-President, hansena@hsd.k12.or.us
Indian Hills PTO Abby West, President, abbywest@comcast.net  
Jackson PTA Dana Silvers, President, PresidentJacksonPTA@gmail.com Elissa Bastinelli & Gracie Soldani, Co-Vice Presidents, VPJacksonPTA@gmail.com
Ladd Acres PTA Melissa Gearhart, President, President@laddacrespta.com  
Lincoln Street PTO Jennifer Orlanso, President, jraeo321@gmail.com Melissa Brue, Treasurer
McKinney PTO Melinda Lloyd, President, melindalloyd@gmail.com Paula Fernandez, Vice President, chanandezp@yahoo.com
Minter Bridge PTA Wendy Saxton, Co-President, MinterBridgePTA@gmail.com Samuel Mldonado, Co-President
Mooberry Community Corral Dan Phillips, President
Fabiola Lawrence, Vice Presidnet
North Plains PTO Tim Alig, tim.alig@intel.com  
Orenco Booster Club Rebecca Martines, President, orencoboosterclub.org Summer Diamond & Michelle Jones, Vice Presidents
Patterson Booster Club Janamarie Elison, President, elisons@juno.com  
Quatama Coyote Community Club Maura, President, quatamaccc@gmail.com  
Rosedale PTO Franki Martinez -  Frankimartinez@hotmail.com  Rosedalepto@gmail.com 
Tobias PTO Kim Cornie, President  
W.L. Henry PTO Marianna Roman, Hispanic Outreach Worker (works closely w/PTO), romanm@hsd.k12.or.us  
West Union Community Club Jodi Anderson, President  
Witch Hazel PTA Amber Schnacker, President, witchhazelpta@gmail.com  
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