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ATTEND today, ACHIEVE tomorrow!


Every minute of every day matters in a child's education. Too many absences -- excused or unexcused -- can keep students from succeeding in school and in life.


This page contains helpful facts and resources for understanding the importance of attendance and what schools, parents and communities can do to build good attendance habits.




Local Advertising about Attendance




In the fall 2015 and 2016, Hillsboro School District, through the generosity of Lamar Transit, was able to place advertising on several bus benches around town to highlight the importance of attendance. The visibility of this messaging to tens of thousands of pedestrians and commuters was invaluable in getting the word out at the start of the school year. Most bus bench ads were up for a couple months, with a few extending through the winter.


Click here to view the bus bench advertising (as well as a couple of general HSD billboards that went up along TV Highway).



Absences add up.
9 or less is best!

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Did You Know?

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What is an Excused Absence?

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Attendance Tracker

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