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Weather Alert for Saturday and Sunday, January 14-15, 2017 - All weekend activities and athletics are canceled.

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School Closure Notifications

District Announcements:
School Closures/ Emergencies

We are committed to providing families with accurate and prompt information in the event of inclement-weather and other urgent matters impacting our schools and community. The District uses the following methods of communication to relay urgent information to District families and the broader community.

District Website 
Whenever possible, the District website will be used to communicate information regarding urgent and emergency situations, including inclement weather and school closures. Check the home page at for announcements and updates.

Flash Alert Emergency Notification System
The Hillsboro School District uses an Internet-based service for weather-related school closure information and to relay important information to the public in the event of an emergency. The public can sign-up for Flash Alerts to receive emergency alert messages through email and/or push notifications to your mobile device via the Flash Alert app. Click on the link to be directed to the site for Hillsboro School District messages. 

Local Radio and TV stations will receive information and updates from the Flash Alert system regarding school district emergencies. 

Hillsboro School District app
Hillsboro School District's mobile app will be used to send push notifications in the event of a school delay or closure.  Push notifications will also be sent for other important district-wide announcements.  The app can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google play.

School Announcements
Alternate methods of communication, such as phone calls, broadcast phone messages, and/or letters may be used in the event of individual school situations. Please check with your child's school for information on procedures. It is essential that you provide reliable emergency contact information to your child's school to ensure you or an authorized designee can be reached quickly in the event of an emergency. In case of inclement weather, announcements will be made indicating which zones will require alternate or snow routes for bus transportation.


Inclement Weather Zones

Click here to view snow zones in the Hillsboro School District.


 school     AM Route PM Route
Farmington View
(Zone 1)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
(Zones 2 & 3)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
North Plains
(Zones 9 & 10)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule 
West Union
(Zone 8)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule 
(Zones 9 & 10)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
(Zone 8)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
South Meadows
(Zones 1, 2 & 3)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
(Zones 9 & 10)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
(Zones 1, 2 & 3)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule
(Zone 8)
AM Bus Schedule PM Bus Schedule

Inclement Weather Route Information

If inclement weather should occur, the District will determine which “Inclement Weather Zones” will be activated to accommodate the existing weather condition.  These zones can be used for snow, ice, wind, flooding, etc.   Your Inclement Weather Zone is listed above. 

If you live in the higher elevations of the District, you may be required to bring your student(s) down to a “Snow Stop,” as listed on your student’s route (which is posted on the District’s Website, at ).

If you live in the lower elevations, your “Snow Route” will be your regular route stop and time.

Explanation of Inclement Weather – Snow routes:

  1. If Inclement Weather zones are activated, snow routes will be activated for AM and PM, even if the weather improves for the afternoon routes. 
  2. If Inclement Weather zones are activated on Wednesdays, all routes are run on normal Academic Seminar pick up and drop off times.
  3. Activity routes will be run as scheduled, unless otherwise announced.

Explanation of 2-hour late start time:

  1. If announced on a Wednesday, all Academic Seminar schedules (AM and PM) will be cancelled.
  2. This means that buses will run on regular schedule +/- the change for weather.  Example: normal pick-up time is 7:00, under the late start the pick-up time would be 9:00, even if it is Wednesday.
  3. Secondary school options class shuttles will not run if schools are on a 2hour late start scheduled.
  4. If the Hillsboro School District is on a 2 hour late start scheduled and/or bus are running on snow routes, bus service to programs outside the HSD boundaries will also be running on the 2 hour late start scheduled and/or snow routes. 

You can receive immediate notification of any school changes by e-mail or text message to your cell phone, by going to: and following these instructions:

  1. Click Portland on the map
  2. Scroll down and click on “Washington Co. Schools”
  3. Click on Hillsboro Sch. Dist.
  4. Follow the instructions

The snow routes are listed on our District’s website at: 

If you have any questions, please call (503) 844-1123.

Para los padres de:

Información de las Rutas en Caso de Inclemencias del Tiempo

Si se presenta inclemencias del estado del tiempo, el Distrito determinará cuales “Zonas de Inclemencias del Tiempo” serán activadas para acomodar las condiciones climáticas existentes. Estas zonas se usan en caso de nevadas, heladas, viento, inundaciones, etc. Su “Zona de Inclemencias del Tiempo”, está listada arriba.

Si vive en las elevaciones más altas del Distrito, será necesario que traiga a su estudiante(s) a una zona de “Snow Stop” (paradero en caso de nieve) como está listado en la ruta de su estudiante (se encuentra en el sitio web del Distrito, en: ).

Si vive en elevaciones más bajas, su “Snow Route” (ruta en caso de nieve), será su parada regular del autobús, a la hora acostumbrada.

Explicación de las Inclemencias del Tiempo – Rutas en Caso de Nieve:

  1. Si se activan las Zonas de Inclemencias del Tiempo, las rutas en caso de nieve serán activadas para la mañana AM y la tarde PM, aunque el estado del tiempo se haya mejorado para las rutas de la tarde.
  2. Si un miércoles se activan las Zonas de Inclemencias del Tiempo, todas las rutas seguirán el horario normal del Seminario Académico para recoger y entregar a los estudiantes. 
  3. Las rutas de actividades funcionarán según lo programado, a menos que se anuncie lo contrario.

Explicación del inicio de clases 2 horas tarde:

  1. Si se anuncia un miércoles, todos los horarios (AM y PM) del Seminario Académico serán cancelados.
  2. Esto significa que los autobuses funcionarán en horario regular, de acuerdo con el cambio del clima.  Por ejemplo: El horario normal para recoger a los estudiantes es a las 7:00, pero con el inicio tarde, sería a las 9:00, aún los miércoles.
  3. Lanzaderas Secundaria clase opciones escolares no se ejecutarán si las escuelas están en un comienzo tardío 2 hora programada.
  4. Si el Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro se encuentra en un comienzo tardío 2 hora programada y / o autobús se están ejecutando en las rutas de nieve, servicio de autobús a los programas fuera de los límites HSD también se ejecuta en el inicio tardío 2 hora programada y / o rutas de nieve.

Usted pueden recibir una notificación inmediata de  cualquier cambio en la escuela, por correo electrónico o con un mensaje de texto a su celular, visite: y siga las siguientes instrucciones:

  1. Haga clic en el mapa de Portland
  2. Siga hacia abajo y haga clic en “Washington Co. Schools”
  3. Haga clic en Hillsboro Sch. Dist.
  4. Siga las instrucciones

Las rutas en caso de nieve, están listadas en el sitio web de nuestro Distrito, en: 

Si tiene preguntas por favor llame al (503) 844-1123.

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