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New Teacher Program


Kirstin Gerber

Hillsboro School District TOSA

Beginning Teacher/Administrator Mentor Program, Project Director



Oregon Department of Education Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentoring Program for the Hillsboro/Forest Grove Mentor Project 2016-17


The Hillsboro/Forest Grove Mentor Project is a partnership between the Hillsboro and Forest Grove School Districts. The mentor project is funded through a grant from the Oregon Department of Education and district funds. The Hillsboro School District is the fiscal agent, managing the project and hiring mentors.



The purpose of the Hillsboro/Forest Grove Mentor Project is to provide high quality, individualized professional growth for every beginning teacher and principal with fewer than two years of experience. The goals of the mentoring program are to:

  • Increase student learning and growth
  • Improve instructional practices
  • Increase retention of beginning teachers and administrators

General Information About Some Program Components:


75-90 contact hours for the school year

  • One-on-one meetings and/or classroom observation time
  • E-mail/phone conversations                                                                     
  • Professional Development at Beginning Teacher Summits
  • Field Observations of experienced teachers

Mentor Work Includes:

  • Listening to concerns, brainstorming solutions
  • Observing students/instruction and gathering data
  • Collaboratively planning lessons
  • Finding/providing support to manage resources for teaching
  • Co-teaching or modeling lessons
  • Support in managing relationships with key stakeholders: students, parents, colleagues, administrators
  • Improving teaching effectiveness/student achievement using data
  • Developing and setting professional goals

3 Sub Days Provided for the Following:

  • 2 days of Professional Development at Beginning Teacher Summits
  • 1 full day or 2 half days of field observations of experienced teachers in action to get ideas, ask questions, etc.

Teacher Mentors:

Don Clemson

Jeremy Birch

Kirstin Gerber - Grant Project Director and Mentor

Renae Iversen

Erin VanDyke


Administrator Mentors:

Crystal Schmidt-Dipaola

Janis Hill


Supervising Administrator:

Brooke Nova


For more information about the ODE Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentoring Program please visit http://triwou.org/pages/show/ode-mentoring-program-media. This link will take you to two videos which explore the mission and outcomes of the ODE Beginning Teacher and Beginning Administrator Mentoring Programs.


For more information about the Hillsboro/Forest Grove Mentor Project, formerly known as the Washington County Consortium, please view the video below where teachers who were in the mentoring program share their experience about the program and how it supported them in their first and/or second years of teaching:


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