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2017 Schedule


June 6 – HOA Graduation, 7pm @ Peter Boscow

June 7 – MEC Graduation, 7pm @     Hilhi

June 8 – CHS Graduation, 7pm @ Hillsboro Stadium

June 9 – GHS Graduation, 7pm @ Hillsboro Stadium

June 10 – HHS Graduation, 3pm @ Hillsboro Stadium

June 10 – LHS Graduation, 7:30pm @ Hillsboro Stadium



Graduation Location

Hillsboro School District will be moving the graduation ceremonies for our four comprehensive high schools from Liberty High School to the Hillsboro Stadium beginning in 2017. Some of the reasons for this are that Century’s current junior class has more students in it than would fit on Liberty’s gym floor, per the fire code; parking challenges and seating limitations at Liberty; and overall cost. Earlier this year, we solicited input from current students, parents, and other community members about this idea. Click here to see the results of the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)

2016 Graduation Videos

Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Congratulations to the 32 valedictorians and 16 salutatorians from our four comprehensive high schools and Hillsboro Online Academy! The students were invited to a celebratory luncheon at the District Office on Friday, May 27, where they received praise and words of wisdom from Superintendent Scott, Mayor Jerry Willey, Chamber President Deanna Palm, and Board Chair Wayne Clift. The students also shared their own words of advice for current and future high school students.

* = not pictured

Glencoe High School Valedictorians/Salutatorians

Valedictorians: Ryan Barger Hannah Fritsch, Trevor Hancock, Kyle Hiebel, Anton Khokhryakov, Ian Macgregor, Adam Simmons;

Salutatorians: Linnea Doyle, Sierra Fresh

Hillsboro High School Valedictorians/Salutatorians

Valedictorians: Mackenzie Crampton, Christina Dilworth*, Anh Huynh*, Dakota Loberger, Brianna Miyama, Jeremy Tolonen;

 Salutatorians: Josie Melendez, Emily Niebergall*, Adrian Woodland*

Liberty High School Valedictorians/Salutatorians

Valedictorians: Katherine Bodner, Kaela Burke, Daphne Garcia, Zachary James, Sarah Maazouz, Joanna Moxley, Zane Smith;

 Salutatorians: Michael Kupperman, Althea Spahn, Attila Suto, Christopher Tuffli, Nicole Van Schijndel

Century High School Valedictorians/Salutatorians

Valedictorians: Faith Allen, Christopher Hoskins, Abigail Iliesi, Jarod Jones, Taylor Loftus, Connor Lorber, Connor McRobert, Abigail Rose, Hannah Smith, Trisha Villanueva*, Lauren Weber;

 Salutatorians: Thomas Edwards, Thien Nguyen, Valerie Thai, Kenneth Truong, Ethan Uecker

Hillsboro Online Valedictorian/Salutatorian

Valedictorian: Dana Hardy*;

Salutatorian: Natalie Vandomelen (pictured)

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