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R.A. Brown Middle School
1505 SW Cornelius Pass Rd.
Hillsboro, OR. 97123

Telephone: 503-844-1070
Fax: 503-844-1071
Contact Teacher/Counselor/Administrator

Email: To contact a teacher, counselor, or administrator by email, go here and click on the email address of the person you wish to contact.

Telephone/Voice Mail: Call our main office at 503-844-1070 and request the staff you are interested in contacting. If they are not available you will be forwarded to their voicemail.


Excuse Your Child's Absence or Tardy

Notes will not be accepted. Please call the
attendance office anytime at 503-844-1075

Parents are asked to make telephone contact when a student is absent or needs to be excused for an appointment, etc. After school hours, an answering machine is available to take your messages. If possible, please call the day or night number before the
student is absent, and include the reason for absence. If this is not possible, please call the morning of the absence so teachers can be notified. Students need not report to the
Attendance Office before school to pick up their admit slip unless parents called after 2:30 p.m. on the day of the absence. When a student is absent more than one day, an additional call is necessary to excuse these days.

Tardies: When students arrive late to school, they need to check in with the office to receive a tardy slip. Even if the tardy is excused.

Medical-Dental Appointment: Medical-dental appointments are excused absences. Have a parent contact the attendance office prior to student check out. The student will need to pick up an appointment slip before checking out.

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