What does the school board do?

  • The board’s major responsibility is setting the Hillsboro School District policies. Board members must also:

    • Establish and adopt the Hillsboro School District budget.
    • Approve Hillsboro School District curriculum adoption.
    • Set goals, evaluate progress toward those goals such as the Hillsboro 2023-24 Plan and Strategic Financial Plan.
    • Ask voters to approve bond measures and local option levies.
    • Advocate with the legislature on behalf of Hillsboro School District children.
    • Guide collective bargaining with HSD employee groups.

Board Goals for 2022-23

    • The Board will participate in the development and adoption of a four-year strategic plan.

    • The Board will direct the Superintendent to encourage staff to actively engage with students and create feedback loops to foster mutual understanding, increase awareness, and demonstrate action. The Board will use student input to improve policies and procedures so they align with the District’s value of educational equity and serve to promote success among all students.

    • The Board will seek community engagement opportunities, with an emphasis on historically underserved families, in order to inform policy decisions, continually improve district systems and processes, and to guide Board professional development.


  • What makes a good board member?

  • How much time is required?

  • How do I become a school board candidate?

  • When are school board elections?

  • How do I file?

  • How can I receive training?

  • What do I need to know before I start campaigning?

  • How are school board members of color supported?


  • Rose Roman
    Board Secretary 

    3083 NE 49th Place
    Hillsboro, OR 97124