• aerial view of North Plains ES campus

  • Timeline for North Plains projects

  • This page is about bond construction renovations at the existing North Plains Elementary School. To view information about the NEW elementary school that was built in North Plains, visit the Atfalati Ridge Elementary School page.

Scope of Work

  • Please note that project costs and schedules may fluctuate due to cost of materials and labor, conditions at the site, unforeseen and/or revised scope, and other factors. Total costs: $10.4 million


    • Replacement of Windows and HVAC Unit; Exterior Painting

    In summer 2022, the final renovations at North Plains were completed: replacement of the existing single-paned windows with double-paned windows; and replacement of a rooftop HVAC unit. Both projects will increase the energy efficiency and comfort in the building. Minor stucco repairs also were made in the southwest corner of the building before painting of the building exterior.

    • Renovations

    Construction projects provided safety and seismic upgrades to the North Plains building in summer 2021. The portables were removed (going to the Peter Boscow site) and a new playground was constructed in their place.

    • New Gym

    A new gymnasium provides exclusive use for indoor PE, activities and school events. The facility is also available for recreational youth basketball and volleyball leagues. The gym was substantially completed in Jan. 2021

    • Parent Dropoff/Parking Lot

    In spring 2020, the staff parking lot and bus dropoff area was repaved and striped. A new parent dropoff and parking lot was completed in Sept. 2020 to enhance pedestrian and vehicle safety as well as to improve traffic queueing and efficiency.

    • Roofing, Relocation of Portables

    In summer 2018, North Plains received new roofing, improving the building environment. In addition, two portables were relocated to North Plains from Patterson and Reedville Elementary Schools. They provide North Plains with four additional classrooms, which will help to accommodate enrollment growth until the new elementary school is built in the Sunset Ridge development. The portables also will provide additional storage to the school.

    • Flexible Furniture

    North Plains students enjoyed new flexible furniture (FFE) when they returned to school for the 2018-19 school year. Research has shown that this furniture promotes engagement and learning.


  • Project Managers

    Cornerstone Management Group

    • Window and HVAC unit replacements, exterior painting: Emil Hameed / Luke Harkness
    • Building improvements, entry vestibule: John Abel
    • Gym, dropoffs: Luke Harkness
    • Relocate portables: Mary Dolan
    • Roofing: Rick Cunningham
    • FFE: Karyn Rainone


    • Window replacements:
      • Mahlum Architects
      • PRC Engineering
    • HVAC unit replacement: Corbin Spec.
    • Entry vestibule: Axis Architects
    • Gym, dropoffs, improvements:
      • Mahlum Architects
      • AKS Engineering
    • Relocate portables: 3J Consulting

    General Contractors

    • Window replacements, exterior painting: Five Star Builders
    • HVAC unit replacement: Hunter Davisson
    • Building improvements, entry vestibule: Five Star Builders
    • Gym, dropoffs: Five Star Builders
    • Roofing: Griffith Roofing Co.
    • FFE:
      • McDowell-Craig (desks)
      • School Specialty (seating)