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  • Family STEM Challenge
    October 2nd Thru Oct. 29th

    Create solutions to the following:

    Build the Highest Tower

    Explore creative problem solving by using non-traditional building materials to build a structure. The challenge is to build the highest tower you can using these materials:

    2 pieces of standard printer paper
    10 paper clips
    1 pair of scissors

    1. Apply a piece of masking tape or a strip of paper to a wall or door jamb starting at the floor and extending up about 5 feet. This will be used to compare the heights of the towers.
    2. Only the materials listed above may be used in building your tower.
    3. The towers must be free-standing. They may not lean against the wall or be held up.
    4. Towers must be brought to the measuring spot. This means they will have to be transportable.
    5. Take a photo of your engineering creation and post in our shared Google Folder by Oct. 29th to be eligible to win a prize.

    You may participate as a family, as individuals, or as small teams within your family. Invent innovative ways to build the tower!


    Leyla Koral and her Tower!