An Option for current HSD students grade 9-12

  • Hillsboro Big Picture is a small, Options program for high school students in the Hillsboro School District.HBP logo

    What makes us unique:

    • Advisory - students create strong relationships with one teacher and a group of students for the year.
    • Exhibitions - at the end of each semester, students showcase their learning to staff, students and family.
    • Internships - students earn elective credit, learn job skills and explore careers by participating in an unpaid internship each year.  Students typically spend 65 hours per semester in internships in the community.
    • Projects - students are given time to explore a topic of their interest that is tied to curriculum standards.

    Other information:

    • We are located in the old David Hill Building on the Oak Street Campus near downtown Hillsboro.
    • We are part of the Oak Street Campus of alternative options in HSD.
    • Students attend school full-time and earn a high school diploma.
    • We offer transportation and school meals.
    • Students can still participate in sports and activities of their home high school.
    • Students at Hillsboro Big Picture spend their school day in core content classes, elective classes (although a smaller selection than the larger high schools), a project-based class and an internship class.


Learning Community

  • Big Picture Learning Design graphic

    Big Picture learning is student-centered, where students actively own and invest in their education. Students will be part of a small learning community supported and led by an advisor. They will work closely with real-world mentors as well as their parents and families to develop their passions.

Oak Street Campus

  • Addresses:

    Oak Street Campus
    Hillsboro Big Picture, GED,
    Diploma for 12+, TOPs, PEARL, ITS
    440 SE Oak Street
    Driving Directions

    Phone: 503.844.1680,
    Fax: 503.844.1684