Little Spartan Preschool

  • Program Information
    In  the Little Spartan Preschool, we believe that each child has immense potential. To achieve this potential students/children explore through 
    hands on, relevant projects and activities that are both independent and collaborative.   The children’s interests, their natural inquisitiveness, and their developmental abilities help guide the curriculum.  In our classroom you will see children expanding their motor skills, learning through social/emotionl interactions, and developing their cognitive abilities.  Learning through play-independent as well as collaborative-,experimenting with various materials, and role modeling from adults all play a part in the growth and deveopment of each child.  The developmental domains in which learning takes place are:


    • Fine and gross motor skills 
    • Increased hand-eye coordination 


    • Increase self-esteem to build a positive self-concept
    • Use verbal skills in expressing emotions 
    • Learning cooperation and better communication 
    • Making friends 

    Intellectual (Cognitive)

    • Develop curiosity about the world
    • Develop better listening and speaking skills 
    • Develop problem  solving and decision-making abilities 

    Children's Attire
    Children learn a lot through play. We do a lot of painting and fun gooey activities that children really get into (clothing & shoes included). Most of our paints and supplies are washable, but washable supplies don't always come out of clothing and shoes. We recommend having a set of "preschool only" clothes to alleviate the concern of ruining nicer clothes.  When a child is more concerned about staying clean than being the little scientists and explorers they naturally are, they lose out on learning opportunities. So utilize those hand me downs, check out garage sales and thrift shops, involve your child in finding their "preschool play clothes." 


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