About Multilingual Programs

  • Multilingual programs at Hillsboro School District are designed to ensure that English learners have equal access to education in compliance with state and federal laws. Multilingual students will be able to: 

    • Develop communicative fluency and literacy in an internationally significant language
    • Develop and enrich English language skills
    • Promote academic achievement commensurate with the child's ability and grade level
    • Promote understanding and appreciation of another language and cultural identification



  • Please contact the school directly for information about their programs and opportunities for your child to participate.

    Olga Acuña
    Director of Federal Programs

    Arcema Tovar
    Director of Multilingual Programs 

    Gina Mclain
    Director of  Elementary Teaching and Learning

    Becky Kingsmith
    Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning

    Nicole Mito Ahern
    Multilingual Programs TOSA

    Elisabet Barrera
    Data Technician

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