Volunteer Requirements

  • The District encourages and appreciates the involvement of community and family members who volunteer in our schools. As the safety of students is of primary importance, the following procedures are required for processing volunteer requests.

    1. Complete the volunteer application on our website. 
    2. The information you provide will be used to complete background checks through the state's criminal records system and the Oregon Department of Education's sexual misconduct database.
    3. Once these checks have cleared, you will receive an email asking you to complete a survey and upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination, per the Governor’s vaccination mandate.* (*Volunteers may fill out a form requesting a medical or religious exception; however, these will only be considered on an as-needed basis as staff availability allows. Anyone receiving an approved exception will be required to follow a set of increased safety measures when volunteering.)
    4. In addition, all volunteers will need to submit to a fingerprint-based criminal records check in order to be an approved volunteer.

    Upon successful completion of these requirements and review of the volunteer handbook, the applicant will be approved for volunteering. Please coordinate your volunteer activities directly with the school and follow all site-based rules provided.