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    Hillsboro School District launched Hillsboro Online Academy (HOA) in the fall of 2012 to fill the needs of students who wish to conduct their education outside of, or as a supplement to, traditional learning on a physical campus. Recognized by the State of Oregon as a diploma-granting school, HOA is a free public school option and offers core courses and a wide assortment of electives that enable students to fulfill state requirements.  We serve Kindergarten-12th grade students.

    Hillsboro School District students may enroll in HOA as a full-time student, or as a concurrent student while enrolled in a traditional district middle or high school. Full-time HOA students complete all State of Oregon graduation requirements and, upon completion, will be awarded a Hillsboro School District diploma.

    Online options, both core and elective courses, are available to all district students in grades 9-12. Concurrent students enroll in HOA courses through their counselor at the high school they are attending. Registered homeschool students and students attending private school who are residents of the district are also able to enroll in HOA courses.

    Secondary students and their parents should be aware that the demands of online courses are equal to or exceed those of traditional “face to face” courses. While online instruction places more responsibility on students, it offers greater flexibility fitting course work into a student’s or their family’s busy schedule. 


    All students interact with teachers and other Hillsboro Online staff via a message system in our Learning Management System, by phone or in person by coming in - K-8 is at Tamarack Elementary (7201 SE Kinnaman St.) and High School is at Oak Street Campus (440 SE Oak St.).   

    Attendance is tracked using the Daily Attendance question in each student's homeroom or advisory class! It will show up on students' dashboard in the to-do area as well as their calendar. They also have access in their homeroom/advisory modules. Each attendance question opens up at midnight and closes at 11:59PM of that day Monday-Friday. Students will have a 24-hour period to complete their attendance question.