McKinney-Vento Act

  • The McKinney-Vento Act ensures that students who face housing instability and hardship have access to a free, appropriate and public education. despite the lack of a fixed living environment or a supervising parent or guardian.

    Every school district in Oregon has at least one designated McKinney Vento Liaison to provide direct assistance to families and unaccompanied youths to access and achieve in school. 

    For additional information please contact the Director of Federal Programs or open the District or State Department of Education or visit the following page on the Oregon State Department of Education site.

    o Possible reasons for qualifying

    In an effort to strengthen education support for students who find themselves and their families in temporary circumstances, the U.S. Federal Government passed the McKinney-Vento Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 11431). The program was previously referenced as "Title X" and is now reclassified as "Title VII-B."

    The term "housing instability children and youth" means individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This includes students living in:

    • Double-up housing with other families or friends due to economic hardship.
    • Runaway youth shelters (even if parents invite the youth home).
    • Hotels or motels.
    • Shelters, including domestic violence shelters.
    • Cars, abandoned buildings, parks, the streets or other public spaces.
    • Campgrounds or inadequate trailer homes.

    Students in housing instability situations have the right to:

    • Get help enrolling and succeeding in school from the district's liaison for the Education of Children and Youth or from a designated building contact.
    • Stay in the school they went to before facing housing instability or whatever school they were enrolled in last (called "school or origin), even if they move out of the district, or they can choose to go to the local school in the area where they are living.
    • Get transportation to their school of origin provided or arranged by the school district, or a joint effort among school districts.
    • Get preschool services, apply for free school meals, and access to all educational services they are entitled to per state and federal regulations.

    If you currently find yourself in any of the situations described above, you or your children are entitled to assistance so that their schooling can continue during this challenging time.

    Every day as many as 1162 people experience housing instability in Washington County, according to the Oregon One-night Shelter Count. Community Action Network is a non-profit organization in Washington County that assists families with essential resources during times of crisis.


    • Dispute Resolution Form - This form is to be completed by the school when a disagreement arises between the school and a parent, guardian, or unaccompanied youth over McKinney-Vento eligibility, school selection, or enrollment in a school.

    • Housing & Homeless Services: 503.640.3263
      Sheltering families in times of crisis, promoting housing stability

    • Child Care Resource & Referral: 971.223.6100 or 800.624.9516
      Connecting families with child care providers in Washington & Columbia Counties

    • Early Head Start & Head Start: 503.693.3262
      Comprehensive programs serving children from infancy to age five

    • Energy Assistance: 503.615.0771
      Helping families stay warm and safe

    • Emergency Rent Assistance: 503.615.0770
      Keeping families in their homes

    • FIND help Information & Referral:
      A comprehensive online database of community resources

    • Opening Doors: 503.517.3198
      Pregnancy and parenting support

    • Weatherization: 503.906.6550
      Helping families reduce energy costs through conservation services

    Celebrating 45 years of hope, help and change for Washington County families.



  • Olga Acuña
    Director of Federal Programs

    If you are experiencing housing difficulties, you may qualify for additional services, please contact:

    Courtney Gibb
    McKinney-Vento Liaison

    Eric Avalos Alfaro
    McKinney Vento Graduation Coach

    If you are currently staying in a shelter, a motel, a vehicle, living with others because you can't afford or find housing, or if you are having housing instabilities (lack of heat, running water, etc.).  We may be able to help you:

    Enroll in School
    Remain in your school of origin if you move to another area - for the remaining of the year with transportation services free or reduced school meals community referrals other services.



  • Please ask for assistance in the school your child is attending.

    Olga Acuña
    Director - Federal Programs & 
    Parent and Community Outreach

    Cindy Herd

    Courtney Gibb
    McKinney-Vento Liaison

    Eric Avalos Alfaro
    McKinney Vento Graduation Coach

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