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    This is what you and your child can expect in On-Site PE (grades K-8):

    • Games and activities that incorporate motor and loco-motor skills
    • Learning about lifelong fitness (fitness concepts and skills that can be used over the course of a person's life)
    • The use of "Sportsmanship"
    • Basic sports skills (basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, and hockey)
    • Rhythm and dance
    • Hand-eye coordination activities
    • Relays
    • Games using fine motor skills
    • Dodging and fleeing activities/games
    • Cooperative games
    • Racket sports
    • Create-a-game (students will create and teach a game/activity to their peers)
    • Use of pedometers (tracking the number of steps an individual has taken over a certain period of time)


    The curriculum for Physical Education 1 ( a brief list):

    • Personal Growth and Development – The student will read about personal growth and development and then share the similarities or dissimilarities that occur in their lives.
    • Ways to handle stress- Read information concerning stress – The student summarizes what they have read and shares ways that they handle stress in their lives.
    • The students share activities they do to increase their overall health and wellness. The students will fill out 4 activity logs throughout the semester for a “reality check”. The teacher will give feedback on the logs.
    • Elements of fitness – 10 Fitness Facts – Summarize the information given.
    • Benefits of physical activity – In your own words, write a one-page reflection about the benefits of physical activity in your personal life.
    • Field Study – Attend a sporting event – The student will write about what they experienced, including; Atmosphere, warm-up, game set-up, describe 1 key player/position and the outcome of the game/match/meet. Why did you choose this particular sport/meet/activity? (this assignment is done three times per semester)
    • The students will analyze videos of various athletes throwing, catching, running, and other athletic motion/form. The teacher is looking for acknowledgement of correct form and function of these actions.
    • Ask the students to participate in a new activity outside of school, and provide a brief overview of the experience.
    • The teacher will assess the students on their ability to combine two or more specialized movement forms, such as asking students to demonstrate a discuss throw or a series of dance steps. (submitted through video)
    • Specific lessons to allow students to develop a personal health-related fitness program, including personal goals.
    • Specific lessons on motor learning and motor development concepts.
    • The students analyze the characteristics of sports and physical activities they enjoy and why.
    • The students will write a report about a sport that is played in another country. (Not in the United States)
    • The students will learn vocabulary that is used primarily in the physical education world.


    Please contact Ms. Stubbs at  or 503.844.1050.