Student Life

  • A student's routine can vary significantly from day to day and from student to student.  Student success is not determined by specific hours or quantity of time spent in "school," but by demonstrated learning, quality of work, engagement in school, and interaction with teachers and peers.

    Students are welcome to come to our center during our "business hours" to study, get teacher assistance, work on group projects, and to interact with their peers.  Our teachers are available at our center Monday-Thursday and are ready to assist students with assignments, quizzes or any other questions they may have.  Our office manager/registrar is available daily to help students and their parents navigate through Moodle and to help resolve technical issues.  Evening activities (movie night, holiday party, game night, etc.) are scheduled throughout the school year to give students and their families a chance to interact with one another.

    Here's a hypothetical day in the life of a Hillsboro Online Academy student:


     9:00 am

    Prepare for the day...get out of bed, eat a good breakfast
     10:00 am

    Log in to Odysseyware or Canvas site
    Check messages & announcements
    Respond to teachers' questions about course progress
    Participate in class discussions by posting your input or feedback

     11:00 am Work on classes, including assignments, internet-based research, reading, and scheduling chats with other students in the same 
     1:00 pm Lunch-take a break, do some daily chores 
     2:00 pm Continue coursework
    Check discussion boards & email
    4:00 pm After making sure daily assignments are completed, tie up all loose ends with teachers and other students
    Head to after-school sports or activities 
    6:30 pm  Dinner & family time 
    7:30 pm  Check course syllabi looking ahead to tomorrow's coursework
    One more review of  email & discussion boards to look for teacher or student feedback
    8:00 pm Social or "me" time!
    Call or hang out with friends, browse Facebook, etc.