We, the students of Century High School, in order to establish unity, provide representation for each student and ensure a healthy learning environment that supports co-curricular activities, do establish this constitution.


    Article I: Name, Mascot, Colors, Fight Song

    Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the Associated Student Body of Century High School.

    Section 2: The mascot of the organization shall be the Jaguar.  The mascot’s name is “Mick Jagger”.

    Section 3: The colors for the organization shall be teal, black, and silver.

    Section 4: The school fight song shall be the “Jaguar Roar”.


    Article II: Membership

    Section 1: The membership of the Century High School Associated Student Body shall consist of all regularly enrolled students at Century High School.

    Section 2: All Century High School ASB Officers, Class Officers, club and organization members and participants in activities or athletics are required to pay the Century High School ASB fee.

    Section 3: The Associated Student Body members who pay the ASB fee shall be entitled to privileges which shall include free admission to all regular season home athletic events and at least $1.00 off the cost of admission to a majority of school sponsored dances and events.


    Article III: Purpose

    Section 1: The purpose of this organization is to give the students a voice in school operations, to develop activities for the students and to create a spirit of unity within the school and community.

    Section 2: The mission statement for the student government shall be: “Encourage unity in our community by promoting acceptance for those heard and unheard.”



    Article IV: Objectives

    Section 1: The objectives of the Century High School Associated Student Body are:

    Clause 1: To provide a democratic forum in which students can address school related issues that affect their lives.

    Clause 2: To maintain a continuous communication channel from the students to the staff, students, community, and district.

    Clause 3: To establish traditions, community involvement, and a year long program of activities that reflects the student's’ interests.

    Clause 4: To develop pride and school spirit among students, staff and community.

    Clause 5: To ensure that all students are treated with respect and promote recognition of the students and staff.

    Clause 6: To provide for the collection of ASB dues and the distribution of the revenue for the promotion of the general welfare of the students.

    Clause 7: To increase student, staff and community participation at/in CHS events.

    Clause 8: Connectedness: To provide opportunities for every student to a peer group, a staff member, a club, an activity or a sport.

    Clause 9: To serve the community for the betterment of all, promoting and inspiring confidence in others.


    Article V: Elections and ASB Appointments

    Section 1: The ASB Executive Board will be elected in February or March and will take on office at the beginning of the first semester the following year. He/she will remain in office all year.

    Section 2: The ASB Executive Board candidates will give speeches to the student body and will be elected with printed ballots. Once elected, all officers must follow the criteria listed in Article VI, the Century High School Student Handbook, the Hillsboro School District Board Policy and the election Pledge and Awareness Form signed prior to campaign week the previous year.  Speeches may take the form of videos.

    Section 3: Appointments for ASB Senators will be made by the newly elected class officers and the Activities Director.

    Section 4: Officer transition shall take place in the spring.

    Section 5: Officer retreat shall take place in the summer.

    Section 6: Election results shall be determined by a point system in which candidates receive points.  25% of the overall score will come from teacher evaluations, 20% will come from the candidate packet, 30% will come from the student body vote and 25% will come from the public candidate materials (speech and candidate sheet/pamphlet).



    Article VI: Qualifications of Officers

    Section 1: To be considered a candidate for any position on student government, candidates must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA for all classes.

    Section 2: Officers shall become ineligible to serve in office if his or her GPA drops below a 2.5 or if any semester including the semester just prior to the elected term of office. Grades will be reviewed every semester.

    Section 3: Officers shall live up to standards and behavior expectations as illustrated in student handbook and as elaborated by Activities Director.

    Section 4: A student of Century High School who has met all requirements is only entitled to hold one office in the leadership class.

    Section 5: All officers must be enrolled in and regularly attend (fulfill duties and obligations as detailed in the constitution) all Leadership classes. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from office and the Leadership class.

    Section 6: All officers must participate in their class senate and are encouraged to participate in at least one external club.


    Article VII: Voting

    Section 1: Any student enrolled in Century High School is eligible to vote.

    Section 2: Candidates for all elected offices shall be presented before elections.

    Section 3: Voting procedures shall be determined by the Activities Director and run by the ASB Vice President.

    Section 4: To be elected ASB President, ASB Vice President, to the ASB Executive Board, or a class officer, a candidate must receive the majority of the points. If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by referring back to the overall score from the packets.

    Section 5: All elected and appointed officers serve a full year term.

    Section 6: ASB President and ASB Vice President need previous student government experience and must be elected during the spring of their junior year to serve during their senior year.

    Section 7: Scantron ballot counting will occur on the same day as the elections and will be conducted by the activities director only.  An appointed student council member will take over these duties should the activities director be unable to do so. Announcements will be made as soon as election results are finalized and approved by administration on a one-on-one, face-to-face manner between the activities director and each of the candidates.  An end-of-the day announcement will be made to the whole school over the PA system as soon as the candidates have all personally received the election results. Results may also be run (but is not limited to) over JagTV, the scrolling announcements, the Jag Weekly, and the HSD Board report.


    Article VIII: ASB President and ASB Vice President

    Section 1: The ASB President shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

    Clause 1: Ensure the Constitution is properly executed.

    Clause 2: Preside over all student body meetings, leadership class meetings, and can call special leadership meetings.

    Clause 3: Be an ex-officio member of all clubs and organizations.

    Clause 4: With the ASB Vice-President, set up a leadership planning retreat for the student government before school starts.

    Clause 5: Plan and execute a banquet/officer transition meeting

    Clause 6: Appoint specific duties to the ASB Executive Board with ASB Vice President and Activities Director.

    Clause 7: With the assistance of the ASB Vice President and ASB Administrative Assistant, apply for all applicable honors including but not limited to the NASC Council of Excellence award and the OASC Honor Council Award.

    Clause 8: With the assistance of the ASB Vice President and ASB Administrative Assistant, update and organize the Constitution with the assistance of the Student Government.


    Section 2: The ASB Vice President shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

    Clause 1: Assume all responsibilities of the ASB President if he or she cannot fill them.

    Clause 2: Run all student body elections for the elected year.

    Clause 3: Monitor and promote clubs, sponsor and organize Club Rush, keep a record of constitutions and letter requirements for all clubs, and, with ASB Senators, approve of or reject club constitutions and letter requirements.

    Clause 4: Will assist Activities Director in monitor lettering for student government.

    Clause 5: ASB President and Vice President with Executive Board plan Welcome Assembly and Hello Dance or Back to School Bash. 


    Article IX: ASB Officers

    Section 1: The ASB Executive Board shall be composed of upperclassmen with the number of decided and advertised offices. That decision will take place prior to spring elections by the ASB President, the ASB Vice President and the Activities Director.

    Section 2: The ASB Senate shall be composed of appointed members, less than eight from each grade.

    Section 3: The ASB is responsible for, but not limited to, the following: Raising money for ASB funds and student activities and recognition, Jagfest, Doernbecher Parents Night Out, Think Pink Weeks, Club Rush, Thanksgiving Baskets, the Canned Food Drive, Teacher Appreciation Week, Pep Assemblies, Staff relations, Public Relations, etc.

    Section 4: The ASB shall meet the first class period of every month.

    Section 5: Any ASB officer not performing his or her duties can be dismissed by Activities Director.

    Section 6: If a vacancy occurs on ASB, the ASB officers may choose to appoint someone new from current ASB senators.

    Section 7: Any and all amendments of the constitution may only be passed by a 2/3’s vote from the student government.

    Section 8: Student Government has the power to ratify the Constitution and shall do so once per year.


    Section 9: ASB Director of Student Achievement:

    The ASB Director of Student Achievement shall have the duty and power to:

    • Be responsible for organizing, promoting, and awarding student recognition through the:
    • Student of the Month program (one per department), tv slide, certificate, prize
    • Be responsible for establishing and upkeep of the Student of the Month shout outs
    • Promote achievements for all non-athletic clubs and activities
    • Promote upcoming competitions and contests for all non-athletic clubs and activities
    • Act as liaison between Directors of Assemblies and clubs/activities to ensure equal representation and recognition in assemblies as compared to athletics
    • Send congratulation notes to clubs, activities and individuals on behalf of the Leadership class or Student Council.
    • Act as a liaison to the on campus clubs, visiting and reporting when possible. 
    • Assist classes in planning, organizing, and supervising their activities including but not limited to assemblies, dances, courts and special event weeks.
    • Distribute planning packets to clubs who would like to put on events.



    Section 10: ASB Directors of Assemblies:

    The ASB Directors of Assemblies shall have the duty and power to:

    • Coordinate, plan, and supervise monthly assemblies including but not limited to pep assemblies.
    • Communicate effectively with head coaches and advisors, three weeks before assemblies. Including performers and anthem singers 
    • Work closely with Director of Student Achievement and Director of Athletics to collect needed information and recognition.
    • Further involve and recognize Century High School students and groups including but not limited to speakers and special programs at assemblies.
    • Unite and educate the student body, the staff, and the community of Century High School regarding pertinent issues including but not limited to the use of programs, speakers, and assemblies.
    • Coordinate all technical and sound needs during, and not limited to assemblies, special events, and speakers. Oversee Senators in this area 
    • Incorporate the use of video into, and not limited to assemblies.
    • Incorporate any type of computer-generated support to presentations and special events.
    • Manage all lighting and sound aspects for JagFest, HC and winter assembly with the help of senators. 
    • Coordinate all equipment needs at least one week prior. 


    Section 11: ASB Director of Athletics:

    The ASB Director of Athletics shall have the duty and power to:

    • Work with the Athletic Director and Activities Director to improve school spirit and sportsmanship at athletic events, and club games and functions including all athletes.
    • Exercise general supervision and knowledge of all athletic activities.
    • Represent athletics and, in case of need, act as a liaison for the ASB Director of Assemblies in order to ensure teams are properly represented at assemblies.
    • Daily or weekly informs school of upcoming games and sporting events. This communication could include written announcements for athletics, end-of-the-day audio announcements, posters, flyers, including but not limited to notifying the student body of games and matches to be played, rooter buses and scores of previous games and matches.
    • Send congratulatory notes to teams and individuals on behalf of the Leadership class or Student Government.
    • Promote attendance and school support at athletic events and club sports.
    • Create and post signs and banners for teams about game days.
    • Initiate possible intra-mural sports.
    • Act as the liaison between Century and other league schools.
    • Promote cooperation and sportsmanship between league and non-league schools.
    • Coordinate activities and information between all district schools.
    • Regularly communicate with the Director of PR. 


    Section 12: ASB Director of Service:

    The ASB Director of Service shall have the duty and power to:

    • Promote community service options to the Student Government, the student body, NHS, Key Club, SHAC, HOSA, and CCS. 
    • Supervise and coordinate Century’s service weeks and projects including but not limited to Think Pink Weeks, Thanksgiving baskets, Doernbecher Parents Night Out, etc.
    • Contact and be the liaison between the organizations we work with and Century HS. 
    • Goal: Organize one class service project per semester


    Section 13: ASB Historian:

    The ASB Historian shall have the duty and power to:

    • Collect newspaper articles, pictures and other data concerned with Century High School Activities and Athletics. The ASB Historian should be able to use items collected to create a scrapbook which will serve as a visual catalog of events.
    • Oversee the execution of student council promotion videos for dances, assemblies, etc. 
    • Update and maintain the upper shadow display boxes on campus. 
    •  To maintain an up-to-date scrapbook of ALL student government events throughout the year.
    • Create the end of the year slideshow for the banquet.
    • Attend and document activities and events that involve student council. 


    Section 14: ASB Director of Public Relations: (Community Ties and Marketing)

    The ASB Director of Public Relations shall have the duty and power to:

    • Publicize school functions and activities in a creative way, frequently 
    • Help supervise via senators all school bulletin boards and the reader board.
    • Publicize school activities through social media. 
    • Oversee the production of the Stall Street Journal monthly. 
    • In charge of coordinating morning announcements and ensuring that the necessary items are included from all sources. 
    • Promote better relations between Century High School and community.
    • Update social media sites with any upcoming events or news.
      • Coordination with Directors of Athletics and Achievement is expected.


    Section 15: ASB Director of Student/Staff Relations:

    The ASB Director of Staff Relations shall have the duty and power to:

    • Publicize school functions and activities to staff in a creative way.
    • Oversee National Education Week (fall/winter), Administrative Professionals’ Day (April), Assistant Principal Week(April), Counselors Week(Feb), Staff Appreciation Week (May).
    • Assist in sending thank you cards to staff who help student council. 
    • In charge of coordinating all communication both with staff including but not limited to fliers and reader boards.
    • Organize and distribute 2nd period notices to teachers.
    • Promote better relations between Century High School and Century Staff.
    • Shall be on staff relations committee for BRIDGES week. 

    Section 16: ASB Director of the Funds:

    The ASB Director of Funds shall have the duty and power to:

    • With administration approval, handle or oversee all finances of this organization.
    • Create a goal budget for the year and again for JagFest committees
    • Keep records of all ASB receipts, purchase orders and disbursements and make recommendations to the executive board for withdrawals from student body funds not previously appropriated.
    • Regularly meet with Advisor to go over budgetary items. 
    • Disperse reimbursement paperwork to Student Council Officers for pre-approved purchases.
    • Limit over-expenditures by focusing on creating a cushion in ASB account.
    • Keep accurate profit and loss sheets of all ASB functions and assist classes and clubs in keeping accurate records.
    • Plan, organize, and supervise all ASB fundraising projects.
    • Coordinate profitable fundraisers with a designated goal in mind.

    Section 17: ASB Administrative Assistant:

    The ASB Administrative Assistant shall have the duty and power to:

    • Assume all responsibilities of the ASB President or ASB Vice President if he or she cannot fill them.
    • Assist the ASB President and Vice President with all of their assigned duties.
    • Responsible for coordinating senators to create the school wide calendar outside of leadership room as well as the “paw” on the main staircase.
    • Assist the president and vice with creating a meeting agenda for monthly ASB meetings.
    • Take Executive Board minutes and keep a neat and accurate account of each student government meeting.
    • Send thank you and congratulatory notes, letters and fliers on behalf of the Leadership Class or Student Council as needed, typically after events.
    • Record and document attendance during every class period.
    • Oversee completion of the NASC gold council and OASC gold council applications with the assistance of the president. 


    Article X: Class Officers

    Section 1: The class officers for each grade shall be President, Vice President, and Secretary/ Treasurer. These officers shall be elected to serve for the entire school year.

    Section 2: Class officers and senators must meet and assign delegated duties at the beginning of each month.

    Section 3: The class officers’ duties shall be but not limited to the following: (These job descriptions can be interchangeable.)


    1. Be responsible for the effective functioning of the class senate.
    2. Call, run and preside over class meetings, officer meetings and class senate meetings.
    3. Prepare a written agenda for each meeting and keep them in the secretary’s class notebook.
    4. Plan, coordinate, and supervise all class activities.
    5. Work in conjunction with ASB activities.
    6. Communicate with Class Advisors
    7. Handle general correspondence for the class. 

    Vice President

    1. Assume the office of President in case the presidency is vacated, is unable to serve, or when the president delegates.
    2. Support the president and class in any way possible. 
    3. Must attend all class senate meetings.
    4. Communicate with Class Advisors

    Secretary/ Treasurer

    1. Keep and distribute written minutes of class officer or general class meetings.  
    2. Take attendance at all class senate meetings.
    3. Keep a notebook of attendance and meeting minutes from all class senate meetings.
    4. Keep accurate financial records of class accounts.
    5. Give Treasurer's report at class senate meetings.
    6. Be responsible for class fundraisers.
    7. Prepare and sign vouchers for class expenditures and fund-raisers.
    8. Deposit class funds with Bookkeeper.
    9. Must attend all class senate meetings.
    10. Responsible for lettering list at end of year based on attendance and participation
    11. Communicate with Class Advisors
    12. Responsible for completing planning budget sheet for each class-sponsored event

    Section 4: Class Officers’ responsibility as a whole is to raise money for class designated events, a Senior Gift to the school and will leave $500 left for the incoming freshman class the following year. Any remaining funds will be considered a gift to the school and will be transferred into the ASB account.

    Section 5: Each grade is responsible for planning different events during the year as follows:

    1.   Seniors: Homecoming Week, Assembly, Halftime and Dance, Prom, Gift to school, Graduation, Senior Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Gifts, Senior Slide Show, selecting graduation speakers and performers, Leaving $500 for the following year’s incoming freshman class, contributions towards JagFest and fundraising.
    2.     Juniors: Homecoming Bonfire and Rally, Homecoming Stadium Decorating, Powder Puff, Service Court, Service Court Assembly, Winter Week, Winter Formal, Winter Wishes, Ordering Homecoming Supplies for the Following Year, Graduation Announcement Selection, Reserving Prom Site for the Following Year and Fundraising.
    3.     Sophomores: Homecoming BBQ, Powder Tuff and/or another approved dance by activities director via administration and Fundraising.
    4.   Freshmen: Neon night club and Fundraising.

    Section 6: Each class is responsible for at least one major fundraiser (i.e dance or event) and spirit week hall decorations. 

    Section 7: Each class is to execute on service project per semester. In addition it is expected that classes will help organize and run any student council event or activity that they are capable of assisting with. 

    Section 8: If a class officer fails to perform his or her duties, a case to remove that officer may be presented to the ASB President, Vice President, and a Class Officer Board (nine officers NOT from officer in question’s class) for examination. This judicial board will hear arguments from the officer in question and then from the accuser (separately if by choice). If the complaint is properly justified, the judicial board may vote to remove that person from office. A 2/3’s vote needed to pass the dismissal. The officer in question may be given the choice to resign at any time prior to announcing the results of the vote.


    Article XI: ASB Senators


    Section 1: All senators will be assigned or select jobs during work week. 

    Section 2: When not doing their assigned senator jobs, ASB senators will assist grade level class officers and/or ASB Executive Board members.

    Section 3: ASB Senators will meet with class officers on the first class period of every month.

    Section 4: ASB Senators will attend class senate meetings every month.


    Article XII: Class Senates


    Section 1: There shall be an organization called the Class Senate for each grade to carry out the duties and activities of each respective class.

    Section 2: Each class senate shall be open to any and all members of the respective class.

    Section 3: At least one advisor for each class senate shall be chosen by the class officers and approved or appointed by the activities director and must be a faculty member.

    Section 4:  The lettering criteria needs to be consistent for all four grade levels  at a minimum 80 % of attendance at all senate meeting and set-ups and needs to be submitted to the ASB Vice President in October after Club Rush.

    Section 5: Senate members are required to attend scheduled senate meetings.


    Article XIII: Clubs and Organizations


    Section 1: A club may be formed by ten or more students who have a faculty member for an advisor and have submitted a HSD Club Application Form and constitution to the ASB Vice president for approval within two weeks from the date of Club Rush.  These constitutions must be approved by the ASB Vice president and ASB senators and submitted to the district for approval.

    Section 2: The Activities Director and the district must approve of all clubs.

    Section 3: Each club must have at least 10 students.

    Section 4: In order for club members to earn activity letters, lettering criteria must be submitted with club paperwork and approved requirements must be met. These criteria can be approved or rejected with suggested improvements for revision by the ASB Vice president and Senators.


    Article XIV: Publications


    Section 1: There shall be a Parent/Student handbook, which will be the general guide for all students.

    Section 2: Copies of the constitution shall be readily available.

    Section 3: The Century High school Newspaper will be called The Jagwire.

    Section 4: The Century High school Yearbook will be named through the Yearbook Publication.

    Section 5: The receptionist will write a weekly publication called the Jag Weekly.


    Article XV: The Constitution

    Section 1: This constitution may be amended by 2/3’s vote from the ASB Executive Board, the Class Officers and the ASB Senate.

    Section 2: This constitution shall be voted on by the ASB officers in June and may become effective the first day of school in September.

    Section 3: This constitution was voted on and passed on the 12th day of June 2019.