Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I get into NHS?

  • If your cumulative GPA is at a 3.5 or higher by the spring of your sophomore year, you will receive an invitation to be inducted. If you choose not to accept that invitation, you will not receive another.

What Counts as Service Hours for NHS?

  • Can I count what I do in Key Club, Leadership, or other activities to fulfill volunteer hours?

    Yes, but only if the hours are not required by Key Club, Leadership, etc., and you are not paid to do it (i.e., a job).


What are Individual Hours?

  • Individual hours are any service hours that you complete yourself, outside of NHS. Even if you do them in a group with other NHS members, you cannot count them as group hours if they were not promoted by the advisor or student president.

What are Group Hours?

  • Group hours are service opportunities promoted by the advisor or current president. You can find out about group hour opportunities on the NHS Google Classroom page, our Instagram, or the NHS wall in lower south. We will also send out opportunities through the Remind App, email, and we will talk about these at our meetings.