Arts & Communication

  • Arts and Communication includes all of the performing and visual arts: music, drama, fine arts and graphic arts. The arts economy employs over 5 million Americans and, in 15 year, the creative sector will be the largest economy in the world.


    Endorsement Area

    Exploratory (9-12)
    Select one of the following:

    Foundation (9-11)
    Select one of the following:

    Select one of the following:

    Head Teacher
    • Drama1
    • Musical Theater
    • Drama 2
    • IB DP Theater Arts 1 HL
    • Technical Theater
    • IB DP Theater Arts SL
    • IB DP Theater Arts HL 2
    John Monteverde
    • Hilhi Singers
    • Concert Band
    • Concert Band
    • Symphonic
    • Concert Choir
    • Symphonic Band
    • Encore (Vocal Ensemble)
    Geoff Fotland(band)

    Paula Reeve
    Visual Arts
    • Art 1
    • Art 2
    • IB DP Visual Art SL/Hl
    • IB DP Visual Arts SL
    • IB DP Visual Arts HL
    Omar Arguelles
    Graphic Arts
    • Any Fine Arts
    • Marketing
    • Yearbook
    • Graphic Design
    • Advanced Graphic Arts Studio
    Andrea Brock