Natural Resources

  • Natural Resources include careers in marine biology, ecology, fish and wildlife management, zoology, botany, agriculture, environmental protection, environmental engineering, forestry, geology, and education.

    Employment opportunities within these career areas range from park service worker at entry-level to research scientists and environmental toxicologists.


    Endorsement Area

    Exploratory (9-12)
    Select one of the following:

    Foundation (9-11)
    Select at least one
    of the following:

    Select the class that corresponds
    with your foundation class:
    Head Teacher
    • Introduction to Horticulture Technology and Design
    • Horticulture Technology and 1
    • Horticulture Technology and Design 2
    Kori Dundas
    Environmental Studies
    • Discovering Natural Resources
    • Environmental Sciences 1
    • Environmental Science 2
    Kori Dundas