Public Service

  • Public Service includes careers in law, government, politics, public service, criminal justice, and economics.

    Employment opportunities within these career areas range from lawyer, public defender, prosecutor, legal aide, law enforcement, social work, educator, public planner, government or non-profit agency employment, politician, campaign worker, economist, etc.


    Endorsement Area

    Exploratory (9-12)
    Complete the following:

    Foundation (9-11)
    Complete one of the following:

    Select the class that corresponds
    with your foundation class:
    Head Teacher
    Public Service
    • World Studies*
    • American Studies*

    plus one of the following

    • Marketing/Advanced Marketing
    • Psychology
    • Foreign Language
    • You and Law
    • Leadership1
    • Economics
    • Psychology
    • People and Politics (includes a significant public/community service requirement)
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