Adelante Chicas

  • Chicas Youth Development Program

    Chicas is the first youth development program of its kind in Oregon. It provides a comprehensive and proactive approach to empowering Latina/x youth, 3rd through 12th grade, and in college. We build strong family communication by reaching youth when they are young and working with them and their families through college. 

    The Chicas Youth Development Program at Adelante Mujeres provides year-round, culturally-specific services at 29 public schools and over seven universities to address educational and racial disparities for over 600 Latina/x youth throughout Washington County, Oregon. Chicas empowers Latina/x youth to develop their leadership potential, adopt balanced lifestyles, develop cultural identity, achieve academic success with high school graduation and college enrollment, and build community. This work is done through weekly after-school sessions and summer programming.

    After-School Sessions
    Chicas operates in three school districts in Washington County: Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Beaverton. Click the application link to see which schools offer Chicas After-School Sessions: Sign-up (English) / Sign-up (Spanish)


    Weekly after-school sessions cover topics including cultural identity, leadership, sexual health, balanced living, and more. Chicas works with students to reach academic success through the Journey to College series, which promotes a pro-college culture among families by working with both students and parents to foster a love of learning and a commitment to higher education. Chicas offers individualized support, college visits, financial literacy training, and peer mentorship.