Tutor Recruitment

  • Twice a week, AVID students practice problem-solving and collaborating in college-style study sessions called tutorials.

    Students work with each other to build confidence in questioning techniques, voicing "what I already know," leading others to answers, critical thinking, and the collaborative process. The goal of tutorial sessions is to assist students to discover the power of their own thinking, along with helping others in that process. Sometimes students gain more during a tutorial session by helping another student unravel their "points of confusion" than by working through their own personal questions.

    Tutorial sessions are small groups of students (typically 5-7 students) facilitated by a high school, college-age, or adult tutor. Tutors must be willing to guide the sometimes "messy" group process in patient and focused ways. We are always seeking qualified volunteers who can commit to this process.

    For more information on becoming a volunteer tutor in Evergreen's AVID program, please contact Dana Riley for more information.

About Tutoring

  • Job Description: Tutors will utilize the AVID learning strategies to facilitate collaborative problem-solving among small groups of Evergreen students. Tutors will be working under the supervision of the AVID classroom teacher.

    Time Commitment: To work around high school schedules, tutorial sessions will be scheduled according to Glencoe's A/B schedule and will rotate between Tues/Thurs and Mon/Wed schedules. Tutorials will occur twice a week from 8:45 a.m. – 10 a.m. All tutors must have personal transportation to and from Evergreen.

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