Student Government Constitution

  • Article I: Name and Composition

    The name of this organization shall be the Brown Middle School Student Government. The Student Government shall be composed of a Student Council and a Leadership Class. It shall maintain an affiliation with the Oregon Association of Student Councils and National Association of Student Councils.

    Article II: Purpose

    Section 1: Mission

    The mission of Brown Middle School’s Leadership team is to learn the purpose of leadership and make our school an even better place. We will learn communication skills, goal setting, marketing, citizenship, and gain work experience. By learning these skills, we are able to raise money to help the school and community, include everyone, and raise school spirit. By being role models, we help our student body be energetic, spirited, kind, and trustworthy. Everyone will feel like they are a part of our school and we will get ideas from the entire student body.

    Section 2: Objectives

    The Purpose of Brown Middle School’s Student Government is:

    1. To foster leadership skills in students that participate in the leadership class and student council so that they can have a positive impact on our school and community.
    2. To ensure that all students are treated with respect regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or background and promote recognition to the students and staff.
    3. To serve as a communications link between students and district staff regarding relevant issues that affect them and to seek solutions to the ever-changing challenges that arise throughout the year.
    4. To establish traditions, community involvement, and a year long program of activities that reflects the students’ interests and help build pride and school spirit.
    5. To develop methods for gathering feedback from the student body.
    6. To help our community through service and charity.
    7. To run a student store that provides supplies and spirit gear to the student body.
    8. To fundraise for the activities that help meet the purpose of the organization.

    Article III: Membership

    Section 1: Student Body

    All students legally enrolled at R. A. Brown Middle School are part of the student body and therefore are eligible to participate in Brown Middle School’s Student Government.

    Section 2: Leadership class

    The Leadership class will be selected through an application process designed by the student council adviser.  Selection will be made by a team of teachers, counselors, and administrators.

    Section 3: Student Council

    The Student Council is comprised of the elected 8th grade leadership officers and 7th grade officers in training.

    Article IV:  Student Council Officers and Elections

    The membership of the student council shall consist of no less than a President, Vice President, Secretary, Spirit Coordinator, Treasurer, and Seventh Grade Officers in Training.  All positions with the exception of Seventh Grade Officers in Training shall be held by eighth graders.  Additional positions may be added as needed.

    Section 1:  Officer Elections

    1. The position of President requires prior experience in the leadership class.  All other positions are open to any member of Brown Middle School’s student body.
    2. Elections take place no later than May.
    3. Elections will consist of an application, teacher recommendations, speech to the grade they will represent, student vote, and interviews.
    4. A committee of teachers, counselors, administration, and students will use information from the candidates campaign to make recommendations to the adviser.
    5. The leadership adviser appoints students to the positions.

    Section 2:  Seventh Grade Officers in Training

    Seventh Grade Officers in Training will be chosen each semester from the leadership class.  Candidates will fill out an application and give a speech to the leadership class. The leadership class will vote for candidates and the adviser will pair candidates with an 8th grade officer.

    Article V:  Adviser

    The student council adviser(s) will be appointed by the principal with input from the student body, and acting as a designee of the principal, is empowered to manage council activities, oversee the council budget, and teach the leadership class(es).  The adviser(s) also chaperones student council activities and secures additional chaperones as needed.

    Article VI:  Meetings

    Section 1:  Student Council Meetings

    Regular student council meetings shall be held weekly during the school year.  These meetings are open to the student body.  The president or adviser may cancel a meeting in cases of bad weather, emergency, or scheduling conflict.  Additional meetings may be called by the president or two-thirds of the Student Council.  No special meetings may be called without prior notification of the adviser.

    Section 2:  Leadership Meetings

    Leadership Meetings happen during the leadership class on an as needed basis.

    Section 3:  Quorum

    In order to make decisions, 2/3 of the student council or leadership class must be in attendance.

    Article VII:  Legislation

    Ideas for projects and activities can originate in either the student council or leadership class.  For projects, activities, or budgets to be approved, they must pass a majority vote in both the leadership class and student council.  While the adviser(s) is not a voting member, he/she retain veto power.  

    Article VIII:  Qualifications/Discipline

    Section 1:  General Qualifications

    1. All members of Brown Middle School’s Student Government must maintain a 2.5 grade point average.
    2. All members are required to follow all procedures, expectations, and directives set forth by the administration and staff including dress code, tardy policies, and other general expectations.  

    Section 2:  Discipline of Members

    1. Any member that falls below a 2.5 grade point average shall be placed on academic probation for 2 weeks.  At that time, if the grades have not improved, the adviser shall meet with the student and determine the consequence up to removal from leadership.
    2. Students who violate the principles of the leadership program can be removed from the program.
    3. All matters of discipline of members shall be carried out by the adviser and/or administration.

    Article IX: Amendments and Ratification

    Section 1:  Procedure For Ratification

    This constitution shall be presented to the student body during the 2016/2017 school year.  It shall be ratified if 2/3 of the advisory classes vote to do so.

    Section 2:  Amendments

    1. Article II, Section 1 shall be revised each year in June by upcoming student council members to reflect their mission for the year.  
    2. All other amendments to the Constitution may be submitted by any Student Council member during any regular meeting.
    3. Amendments will pass with 100% student council and 3/4 of the leadership class’ approval.

    Section 3: Ratification:

    This constitution was created by the 2014 Brown Middle School Student Council, revised by the 2016 Brown Middle School Student Council, and ratified on February 8, 2017.