• March 17, 2020 - Until further notice transcripts/records can only be mailed or faxed and will not be available for pickup at the district office.

    17 de marzo de 2020: hasta nuevo aviso, las transcripciones / registros solo pueden enviarse por correo o fax y no estarán disponibles para su recogida en la oficina del distrito.

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Requesting a Transcript/Records

  • If you have transferred to and/or graduated from another school district, all your records will be located at the last school you attended. Special Education records are only kept until the student reaches age 26.

    Current students: please contact your school registrar to obtain transcripts.

    Alumni: the following guidelines detail the transcript request process.  Please use the form link to the left to fill out the request form.

    Requesting Transcript for Yourself

    • School transcripts are considered confidential information and can only be mailed, faxed, or picked up in person.

    Requesting Transcript for Someone Else

    • If you are an individual requesting a transcript for another person who is over 18 years of age, we require written permission from the person in question prior to releasing any records. Parents also need written permission if their child is now over the age of 18.

    Requesting Transcript Be Sent to a Third Party

    • If you are requesting the transcript and/or records to be sent directly to an educational institution for yourself or another person, we do not need prior written permission. Employment agencies may request graduation verification without prior permission. Other educational institutions may request transcripts and records without prior permission but must submit that request in writing. All other agencies such as military recruiters, lawyers, employers, must first send us written permission from the individual whose name appears on the records. We do not file, request, or use Social Security numbers for identification, and we request that you not include that information in your request for records.

    Requesting records be sent to another school district

    • If you are transferring to another school district and need your records transferred please contact your previous/current school directly to have your records transferred to your new school.

    For transcripts/school records please complete the electronic Transcript Request Form.

    For all other records requests, please send an email to Records Management.

    Note: Fulfillment of records requests may take up to 2 weeks.