• Hillsboro School District High School Dance Rules

    1. All school rules will be enforced at dances (e.g. no tobacco). Any Class A or Class B offense will be dealt
    with accordingly. (See Parent/Student Handbook). Any student who engages in fighting, harassment, or other disruptive behavior shall be immediately dealt with accordingly by the administrator on duty. Ticket price will not be refunded if a student is asked to leave the dance.
    2. Non-students of the host school must have a signed and approved guest pass. Students may only bring one outside guest.
    3. All students and guests must have valid picture ID to be admitted to the dance.
    4. Dress Code for Formal (Prom) and Semi-Formal (Homecoming, Winter Formal) Dances:

        A. Ladies
        •  Strapless/spaghetti straps are allowed
        •  Dress/skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length
        •  Slits no higher than mid-thigh in length
        •   Backless to waist is permitted – below waist is not permitted
        •  No sheer/see-through dresses and no see-through sides or bare sides
        •  No excessively low cut dresses or tops, or short skirts
        •  No bare midriffs
        •  Shoes must be worn at all times

        •  Collared shirt (semi & formal) and tie (formal)
        •  Shirts must have sleeves (semi & formal)
        •  Shirts must remain on (all dances)

    5. Students must remain inside. Doors may be opened under the supervision of a chaperone to promote air
    circulation, but students must stay within the building. If there is a problem, all doors will remain permanently closed during the event.
    6. Appropriate physical contact only!!! Sexually suggestive dancing will not be tolerated. If the behavior looks questionable, it will be stopped. Lewd dancing (grinding) will result in student and/or couple being asked to leave the dance floor for a 10 minute break and after the second infraction being asked to leave the event.

        •  No straddling legs
        •  No bending over
        •  No grinding
        •  No inappropriate touching
        •  No "making out" (no overt and/or prolonged public displays of affection)
        •  Break dancing must be performed safely
        •  Both feet on the floor
        •  Hands on waists or shoulders only

    If inappropriate dancing continues after one warning, the lights will be turned on and/or music changed as a collective warning for everyone.

    7. Any student leaving the dance may only re-enter with the permission of the administrator on duty.
    8. All students and guests must leave location within 20 minutes of end of
    function. No loitering in parking lots. Parents/guardians please pick up your student within this time limit.
    9. Middle/jr. high school students are not allowed at high school dances.
    10. Adults older than 20 years of age are not allowed as guests at high school dances.