Mission Statement

  • The Orenco Community is Committed To:

    Keeping the interest of children at the heart of all decisions.

    Respecting the dignity and worth of each individual within a safe and caring environment.

    Celebrating our uniqueness and diversity.

    Teaching skills which enable students to excel in a changing society. Providing real world experiences to foster life-long learning.

    Creating the opportunity for children to think for themselves, make choices and act responsibly.

    Upholding high expectations that lead to academic success.

The Orenco Elementary School Philosophy

  • The Orenco School staff is dedicated to creating an environment in which each student experiences success in learning and positive self-esteem. The interest of children is the heart of all our decision making. We will nurture, instruct and encourage students towards becoming lifelong learners capable of maximizing their potential as responsible, productive citizens. We believe that children learn best in safe environments where meaningful content is taught in an enriched setting. Children should be given the opportunity to collaborate, make choices, receive immediate feedback and exhibit mastery through the application of knowledge.