McKinney Vision

  • McKinney Staff Our vision: All McKinney Cougars will collaborate to reach their highest academic and social potential through inspirational and intentional learning.

    We believe that the "all" in our vision statement extends beyond our students.  It includes our staff, our parents, our partner organizations, and our neighborhood.  Therefore, it is our goal to have W. Verne McKinney Elementary School be a place that enhances and supports the entire community.  

    Our staff collaborated to craft four belief statements that guide our work toward our vision.  Here they are:

    1. We are 100% committed to our students and each other.
    2. McKinney collaborates to be a supportive, responsive, and flexible community for all.
    3. We celebrate all learners and challenge them to grow.
    4. All adult words and actions have a direct and powerful impact.