Teaching and Learning TOSAs

  • We in HSD's Teaching and Learning department exist to support the work of instructional improvement in our schools. We are here to serve! In order for us to maximize our resources including our people and their time in the most impactful way, please contact your principal to request TOSA support. TOSA time will be prioritized based on SIP goals of the school and their capacity to serve needs in a timely way. We look forward to supporting your work in effective implementation of quality instruction and building great classroom experiences for kids.

    MariaEugenia OlivarMariaEugenia Olivar, PK-12 Dual Language TOSA
    MariaEugenia supports PK-12 Dual Language Programs, principals, and staff in the areas of Spanish Literacy, Spanish Language Development, and Spanish Foundational Skills. She also supports Professional Development and common assessments as it relates to authentic and current literacy research and best practice in order to support SIP literacy and language development goals across the district. Please contact MariaEugenia Olivar at olivarm@hsd.k12.or.us.

    Jaime GoldsteinJaime Goldstein, Reading Intervention Compliance TOSA
    Jaime supports building administrators, coaches and teacher leaders in planning, modeling, teaching and leading CCSS and ELP standards for speaking, listening, reading and writing across content areas. She also helps support District priorities, professional development, and common assessments as it relates to current literacy research and best practice in order to support SIP literacy goals across the district. Please contact Jaime Goldstein at goldstej@hsd.k12.or.us 

    Mandy WedelMandy Wedel, K-8 Math/STEM TOSA
    Mandy supports building administrators, instructional coaches, department heads, and teacher leaders in all elementary and middle schools with their math instruction and STEM implementation. She is available to work with school teams in implementing best practices in math and science instruction while sheltering language and scaffolding content in order to give all students access to rigorous content. Please contact Mandy Wedel at wedelm@hsd.k12.or.us

    Sarah KellerSarah Keller, Elementary Universal Student Supports TOSA
    Sarah supports building administrators, instructional/student success coaches, and teachers with universal student supports and systems implementation PK-6. She also helps support District priorities, professional development, and community partner groups as it relates to building positive climate and culture. Please contact Sarah Keller at kellers@hsd.k12.or.us

    Judy RamerJudy Ramer, K-12 PLC Consultant
    Judy helps principals and their PLCs engage in the ongoing study of their data and the constant practice that characterizes a group committed to continuous improvement, a cornerstone to a well-functioning PLC.  She does this by assisting with PLC group goals, where needed, assisting with formative assessment creation to help gather data, helping in looking at the data and how to use protocols to analyze it, when data is gathered and analyzed, assisting PLC groups in knowing what to do with the data, and assisting principals with creative scheduling to allow for the maximum use of their staff and their resources. Please contact Judy at RamerJ@hsd.k12.or.us

    Carissa Fleming Carissa Fleming, K-12 District AVID Coach
    Carissa is available to provide direct support to AVID Coordinators, AVID Elective Teachers, AVID Tutors, and Site Teams to improve and expand implementation of the AVID Elective.  Additionally, Carissa is available to work with Instructional Coaches and PLCs to support the implementation of AVID Schoolwide through the use of WICOR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading).  She can help plan professional development, accompanying teachers on instructional rounds, provide resources, etc. Please contact Carissa Fleming at flemingc@hsd.k12.or.us or (503) 866-4081.

    Deborah Luther Deb Luther, District K-12 TAG TOSA
    Deb supports building administrators and building TAG Coordinators to ensure that schools operate in accordance with laws, statutes, and Board policy related to the state TAG mandate.  She helps support District priorities, state and federal law; and design, deliver and coordinate professional development and assessments related to the education of the District's TAG students. Deb is also involved in coordinating TAG enrichment opportunities like TAG, You're It! and SENG, a parent group focusing on the social-emotional needs of TAG students. Please contact Deb Luther at lutherd@hsd.k12.or.us

    Carolyn Grenz Carolyn Grenz – K-12 Title III TOSA
    Carolyn plans, coordinates, and monitors the development and implementation of services, including extended-day programs, for English Learners (ELs) in accordance to federal and state Title III policy.  She writes our HSD Lau Plan and EL and Migrant Ed. Case Management Toolkit; collects, analyzes, and monitors EL student achievement data; provides technical school program support for principals and case managers; coordinates District EL professional development; and facilitates professional development for EL staff, such as Woodcock-Munoz, ADEPT, and QIA training. Carolyn also manages our District’s newly implemented English Learner Reclassification Portfolios. Please contact her at GrenzC@hsd.k12.or.us

    Vanessa CeccarelliVanessa Ceccarelli, K-12 District Media Specialist TOSA
    Vanessa is available to work with all district staff in support of their information literacy, media, research, or reading needs. She supports all district library programs, by working with media assistants. Vanessa can help teachers create lessons or units, and specializes in technology integration, culturally responsive curriculum, digital citizenship, and research skills using the databases in OSLIS. She can co-teach, give book recommendations, put together multimedia resource lists for your units, or plan and deliver professional development at your next meeting. Please contact Vanessa at: ceccarev@hsd.k12.or.us

    Leona GuthrieLeona Guthrie, K-12 Migrant TOSA
    Leona assists with the coordination and implementation of the Migrant program to meet both student and community needs. She also coordinates migrant recruiters and acts as the Director of Federal Programs’ liaison with ESL/Migrant Case managers to support migrant students and families at the school level, district level and state level. Leona is a huge support for extended day and summer school opportunities for our migrant population. Please contact Leona at guthriel@hsd.k12.or.us or ext. 1564.

    Nicole Mito AhernNicole Mito Ahern, K-12 Bilingual Programs TOSA
    Nicole supports K-12 Bilingual Program, content teachers, and building administrators. K-12 Bilingual Program includes EL Case Managers, EL Specialists, and Bilingual Assistants. She helps support all teachers to implement effective sheltered and FIELD instruction for all K-12 EL students. Nicole also supports all District priorities, ELP Standards for speaking, listening, reading and writing, professional development, and common progressing assessments as it relates to current ELPA21. Please contact Nicole Mito Ahern at mitoahen@hsd.k12.or.us  

    Gabby Villamagua Beginning Teacher Mentor/TOSAGabby Villamagua Beginning Teacher Mentor/TOSA
    Gabby provides districtwide support in the knowledge and delivery of effective instruction and pedagogy for beginning teachers. She also helps plan and facilitate professional development based on student data, building, and district needs for new teachers. Other responsibilities include Dual Language Program articulation and Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) supports. Please contact Gabby Villamagua at villamam@hsd.k12.or.us

    Morgan QuimbyMorgan Quimby, Student Support Systems TOSA
    Morgan coordinates programming and resources for planning and implementation of district-wide pro-active support systems for students who are considered to be “at-risk”. She assists buildings to use data to identify students in need and to create a predictable system of support. She does this through mentoring, professional development, and professional collaboration opportunities for Administrators, Graduation Coaches, Student Support and Wellness Counselors, Academic Options Teachers and counselors. Please contact Morgan Quimby at quimbym@hsd.k12.or.us.

    Kristin BlombergKristin Blomberg, Care Coordinator/Erin’s Law TOSA
    Kristin is coordinating the implementation of Senate Bill 856 (commonly known as “Erin’s Law”) at the high school level. This involves facilitating the selection/adaptation of curriculum, professional development for staff, and parent/community outreach. She is available to teach the mandated sexual violence prevention content at the junior and senior levels and supports all other staff members involved with its dissemination. Kristin will also be assisting with the Health curriculum adoption and is available to support health teachers/departments as requested. Please contact Kristin Blomberg at blomberk@hsd.k12.or.us.

    Anya HershbergerAnya Hershberger, High School Options TOSA
    Anya coordinates and supports alternative educational options programs, including the development of the HSD Early College High School program. She works with high school counselors to identify students for options programs and facilitates communication with stakeholders. She partners with Portland Community College to increase opportunities for dual credit and early college experience. Please contact Anya Hershberger at hershbea@hsd.k12.or.us

    Miriam Miranda-DiazMiriam Miranda-Diaz, Latino Youth Program Lead/Student Support and Wellness Counselor
    Miriam coordinates the Latino Youth Program “LYP” of all four high schools, and works in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. The purpose of LYP is to serve and support Latino young men holistically throughout their life and academic journey. Central to the program is providing students with opportunities, support systems, and mentorship that takes into consideration student's strengths, needs, and interests (youth voice-and-choice). Consequently, the overall goal of the program is to foster: overall wellbeing, positive youth-adult and peer relationships, and a sense of belonging and school connectedness in program youth. In doing so, students will graduate being life, college, and /or career ready. Miriam also provides support to the Middle School Graduation Coaches, and supports in a limited capacity the Student Support and Wellness Counselors.  Please contact Miriam Miranda-Diaz at mirandmi@hsd.k12.or.us