School History

  • Farmington View is a small rural school located on a knoll south of Hillsboro on State Route 219 (Hillsboro Highway).  It is named after the surrounding community of Farmington and the "View" is assumed to refer to the panoramic view from the school site.  Farmington View school started out as a one room school house.  The original building is still standing on Rood Bridge Road.

    The present Farmington View Elementary school opened in September 1950.  There were four classrooms, a gym and a cafeteria.  The present building has been added onto twice.  The the last addition was completed in February 1988.  This addition includes the existing office, library and classrooms at the south end of the building.

    The present school now serves approximately 300 students in grades K-6.  It is one of twenty-three elementary schools in the Hillsboro School District.

    Original Farmington View School

    Old Farmington View School In the late 1800's, several small one-room school houses originated in the farming community of Laurel and Farmington. The schools were "walk-to schools" as children from surrounding farms walked to the closest school. The original Farmington School is still standing and is located nearby on Rood Bridge Road.


       Old Whitmore School, about 1912
    Grabel, Johnson, Firdale, Farmington, Laurel, Whitmore and Laurelview were once one-room schools that later combined to become what is now known as Farmington View Elementary School. Old Whitmore School 

    Old Laurel School

    Old Laurel School

    Farmington View is known for the bell that hangs in the front entry to the school. The bell was originally hung at Laurel School in 1903. A basket social and program was held to raise funds needed to purchase the bell. The bell was used at Laurel School every day until the district merged with Farmington View. The bell was then removed from the building in early 1962 and was transferred to Farmington View School.