Accelerated Reader Program

  • The Accelerated Reader Program is a powerful motivator for students at our school to improve their reading skills and increase their reading practice time. Children are matched with appropriate books within their reading level range to ensure they are challenged without becoming frustrated. Since the management system and assessments are computer based, students are able to track their own reading progress.

    Incentives are built into the program that encourage students to achieve their reading goals. Each month, students who have reached the point levels for their grade will be recognized at a PBIS assembly and receive a certificate. Students who accumulate gold level points will have the opportunity to ring the school bell as well as take part in a celebration at the end of the school year. 

    Renaissance Home Connect can be accessed from any computer and allows families to view their students’ progress as well as search for testable titles. Website:

    Wondering if the books on your shelf or checked out from the Public Library has an Accelerated Reader test?  Go to:

    If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Place, Mrs. Brehm is happy to help. or stop by the library.

Point Prizes

  • Grade

    (Izzy's Certificate)

    (Red Robin Certificate)



    5 points

    10 points

    15 points


    10 points

    20 points

    30 points


    15 points

    30 points

    45 points


    30 points

    60 points

    90 points


    50 points

    100 points

    150 points

    (*Ring the Bell and End of Year Party)