What's Happening at Farmington View

  • Accelerated Reader Program
    The Accelerated Reader Program is a powerful motivator for students at our school to improve their reading skills and increase their reading practice time. Children are matched with appropriate books within their reading level range to ensure they are challenged without becoming frustrated. Since the management system and assessments are computer based, students are able to track their own reading progress. 
    Incentives are built into the program that encourage students to achieve their reading goals. Each month, students who have reached the point levels for their grade level will be recognized at a PBIS assembly and receive a certificate. Students who accumulate gold level points will have the opportunity to ring the school bell as well as take part in a celebration at the end of the school year.

    Renaissance Home Connect can be accessed from any computer and allows families to view their students’ progress as well as search for testable titles that the school library may not have available. Website: https://hosted278.renlearn.com/291236/HomeConnect .  arbookfind.com  
    Please contact Cindy Brehm with questions, brehmc@hsd.k12.or.us 

    Music Programs
    All students receive formal music instruction each week from our music specialist. A Spring Music Program is scheduled in April to allow students in grades 4-6 an opportunity to share their musical talent and skills. Students in grades K-3 perform for their parents during Informances, a developmental way for primary students to show what they have learned in music.

    Beginning Band
    Farmington View continues to offer sixth grade students an opportunity to join band and begin learning to play a musical instrument. An informational letter is sent home to parents the first week of school inviting interested sixth grade students to participate. Our Band Teacher shares information with parents about local music stores that rent band instruments during a band orientation meeting in September. Band students are scheduled to perform for parents and community members in December and April.

    Student Council 
    Intermediate students (grades 4-6) at Farmington View have an opportunity to increase their leadership skills by participating in Student Council. Our School counselor helps students build a sense of community and identity. Students select class representatives each trimester who meet on Fridays during their lunch and recess period. Participating in Student Council is an excellent way for students to facilitate change and develop creativity. Members are involved in fundraising through a Student Store and ice cream sale at lunch. They also promote school and community service projects and help problem solve issues that pertain to school life.

    STEM Fair
    Farmington View will hold its first annual Science Fair, “Science-O-Rama” in the Spring. Teachers and parents will be helping students prepare for individual and class projects beginning in January. A limited number of students will also be able to share their projects at the District Science Fair. The focus of the learning is on the Scientific Method. Students will be working individually or with their classmates to form a hypothesis, conduct research, establish procedures for an experiment, collect data, and come to a conclusion based on their observations. They will present their discoveries at the Science Fair. Everyone is welcome!

    Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program 
    Parents are welcome to refer their child for services designed for students identified as talented and gifted (TAG). Students who score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test of overall reading or math or on a mental abilities test, and have other confirming evidence that they learn at a rapid rate and advanced level, are identified as TAG students. With parent input, individual plans are made to adjust the rate and level of the student’s instruction to meet his or her specific needs. If you think your child may qualify for TAG services, and want information about the referral and identification process, please contact the School Counselor/TAG Coordinator.

    Computer Skills and Keyboarding Classes 
    Our computer lab, provided by a grant from the Intel Corporation and the Hillsboro Schools Foundation, has dramatically increased the opportunities for our students to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of technology. Teachers are integrating the District’s Technology Standards into the curriculum at every grade level. Each class is scheduled into the lab once a week for computer skills instruction. Teachers have the option of signing up their class for additional computer lab time. Students can also work on computers during “Lunch Lab” (recess time) supervised by volunteers. Keyboarding is offered to students in grades 3-6 once a week. Our primary goal is to increase student achievement through the use of computers and technology.

    Spelling Bee 
    Farmington View holds its annual Spelling Bee each spring to select representatives for the District Spelling Bee held in May. Students from each intermediate class, grades 4-6, participate in the school competition. The district champion in each division advances to the NW Regional Education Service District spelling competition in May. At all levels of the competition, students are expected to write the spelling words.

    Geography Bee 
    Class level Geography Bee competitions are held at Farmington View in December so that and fifth and sixth grade finalists can be selected to compete in our school-wide Geography Bee in early January. The school winner takes a qualifying test for the Oregon State competition, which is held in April. State champions compete at the national championship in Washington, D.C. for a $25,000 college scholarship.

    Field Day
    Toward the end of each year, students have an opportunity participate in our annual Field Day. Students enjoy getting involved in organized games, races, and field events with their classmates and other grade level students. Primary students participate in field day in the morning and intermediate students are scheduled for the afternoon. Parents and volunteers help supervise the events. Parents who would like to help out should notify their child’s teacher or our PE teacher at the school.

    After School Programs

    LEGO Robotics 
    In an effort to help children, ages 9-14, excel in math and science and to stimulate interest in high technology and engineering careers, the Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP) offers LEGO Robotics Team competition.  To provide an enrichment opportunity for our TAG and highly capable students at Farmington View, we form robotics teams each year.  All teams have been highly successful and many have advanced to the state tournament.  The number of teams formed (and number of student participants) depend upon the number of volunteer coaches and mentors we are able to recruit.  Groups of five children and a coach are matched with a technical mentor.  Students work in their teams over a five-month period (September to January) to build and program robots using advanced LEGO kits.  Team meetings are held one or two times a week on a schedule to be determined by the coach. Team members can get an early start by researching the robot “mission” over the summer.  Students experience the fun and rewards of engineering, and learn design, construction, programming, and problem solving, as well as the importance of communication and teamwork.  Each team competes at one of the two play-off tournaments in December and the top finalists progress to the state tournament in January.  To learn more, go to the website,   www.ortop.org

    First Lego League - This is a competitive academic tournament with strong emphasis on rewarding great teamwork and learning engineering skills from coaches, mentors and other resources.
            4th - 8th grade     September - January, meets weekly

    Jr. First LEGO League - This program is also part of First LEGO League but is non competitive and gets kids excited about joining the First LEGO League when they are older. The season culminates at an OMSI Expo similar to a science fair.  Each team presents their work and is given feedback from local experts.  Every team is a winner!
            1st - 3rd grade    January - March, meets weekly

    Sumo Wrestling Robot Club - Students at all levels work together to build and program robots that compete with each other to push the other robot out of the ring.  It is a fun program with an emphasis on learning skills in a play based atmosphere.
            3rd - 6th grade    April - May, meets weekly

    Kickball Club
    Come have a ball with us as we team up and play kickball.  We will meet and play in the fresh air, rain or shine!
            4th - 6th grade    April, meets weekly
            1st - 3rd grade    May, meets weekly

    Arts and Crafts
    Fine Art Club - Learn the techniques of painting and drawing with artist Amanda Houston.
            4th - 6th grade    January - February, meets weekly

    SPLAT - A play-based painting club where students explore different ways to play with paint.  Our goal is to get our hands dirty and have fun with art.
            K - 3rd grade       January - February, meets weekly

    Craft Club - Come get artistic in the ways of sewing, knitting and other crafty fun!
            3rd - 6th grade    November - December, meets weekly

    Science Clubs
        Solar Energy - Explore the world of solar power as we build solar vehicles, machines, and even design a solar school!
            4th - 6th grade    October 5th - November 12th (Tuesdays)

         Energy: Things That Move - The Energy Club will learn about energy and motion; together we will build a motorized vehicle.
            4th - 6th grade    February 4th - March 11th (Tuesdays)

        R.C. Underwater Vehicle - Work as a team to build and operate a remote control underwater sled.
            4th - 6th grade    April 8th - May 13th (Tuesdays)

    Jr. Naturalist Club
    This program is run in conjunction with Jackson Bottom Wetlands.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn and work at the wetlands.  Transportation to the site is provided, but parent pick-up is required after club meetings.
            5th - 6th grade    April - May (Wednesday's)

    Academic Club
    Primary and Intermediate Reading Clubs have been formed to help selected students increase their reading fluency and comprehension. Students were invited to participate in the after school clubs starting in January. Reading Club members meet for one hour after school, two times a week with a qualified reading teacher and parent volunteers. The computer based Read Naturally program is used to help students improve their reading skills (speed, accuracy and expression) so they can meet or exceed the grade level standards on the annual Oregon State Assessments.

    French and Japanese Club
             3rd - 4th grade    March - May (Tuesday's)

    Youth Leadership Club
             5th - 6th grade    January - March (Thursdays)