After School Club Information

  • Kickball Club
    Come have a ball with us as we team up and play kickball.  We will meet and play in the fresh air, rain or shine!
            4th - 6th grade    April (meets weekly)
            1st - 3rd grade    May (meets weekly)
    Volleyball Club
    This after school program is designed to teach basic skills to those who have never played before and give practice time to those who have played but want to be ready before the season starts.
            3rd - 6th grade girls    January - March (meets weekly)
    Arts and Crafts
        Fine Art Club - Learn the techniques of painting and drawing with artist Amanda Houston.
            4th - 6th grade    January - February (meets weekly)

        SPLAT - A play-based painting club where students explore different ways to play with paint.  Our goal is to get our hands dirty and have fun with art.        

    K - 3rd grade       January - February (meets weekly)

        Craft Club - Come get artistic in the ways of sewing, knitting and other crafty fun!
            3rd - 6th grade    November - December (meets weekly)   
    Science Clubs
        Solar Energy - Explore the world of solar power as we build solar vehicles, machines, and even design a solar school!
            4th - 6th grade    October 5th - November 12th (Tuesdays)
         Energy: Things That Move - The Energy Club will learn about energy and motion; together we will build a motorized vehicle.
            4th - 6th grade    February 4th - March 11th (Tuesdays)
        R.C. Underwater Vehicle - Work as a team to build and operate a remote control underwater sled.
            4th - 6th grade    April 8th - May 13th (Tuesdays)
    Jr. Naturalist Club
    This program is run in conjunction with Jackson Bottom Wetlands.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn and work at the wetlands.  Transportation to the site is provided, but parent pick-up is required after club meetings.
            5th - 6th grade    October - May (one Wednesday per month)