Book Clubs

  • Mother-Daughter Book Club

    Mothers and their daughters are invited ot join us in discussion and exploration through books.  Spend social time with other FV moms and girls as we read, relate, and reflect.

    Grades 4th - 6th (Meeting TBD)

    Books 4 Boyz

    Calling all Dads!  This unique and fun club will provide a way for boys to actively engage with a book.  This can mean acting out portions of a story, creating visual or physical representations of the text, or performing an activity outlined in the story.

    Grades 4th - 6th (Meeting held monthly on Thursday evenings)

    Sr. Readers

    Students are invited ot share the adventure of "The Little Prince."  We will explore characters, themes, and plot development throughout the book, and write prompted entries in discussion journals.  This club is recommended for students with a strong interest in reading and/or writing.

    Grades 4th - 6th (Meeting weekly March - May)

    Jr. Readers

    Together we will develop a love of reading through storytelling, discussion, and crafts.

    Grades K - 3rd (Meeting weekly October - December)