Bobcat Boosters

  • Who are the Bobcat Boosters?
    The Farmington View Bobcat Booster Club is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who are dedicated to activities that will enhance the overall educational experience for students of Farmington View Elementary School. The group works to provide opportunities that widen all students' educational experiences while helping create a sense of community for families and students at Farmington View.

    How Can You Help?

    • Volunteer—Get involved with the education of our children. Any amount of time you can donate to the school is greatly appreciated. We have immediate opportunities for volunteers and coordinators that will help you get started. Please help if you can. 
    • Send an email to the Boosters to get involved.
    • Continue to support the Bobcat Boosters by participating in our fundraising activities. Donations are a great way to contribute.   
    • Read the Principal's Bulletin to stay informed.

    What Happens at Bobcat Boosters Meetings?
    The Booster meeting is a great way to stay informed regarding day-to-day decisions being made at Farmington View.  Every month the principal updates parents about all things related to our school community. It gives parents a great way to stay connected with programs, policies, and standards at the school.

    In addition, we discuss upcoming events, plan future activities, and discuss how to provide enrichment opportunities for students with the money from our fundraising efforts.

    For the 2023-2024 school year, meetings will be held at 6pm in the library on the third Thursday of each month. We greatly appreciate everyone's input and value all opinions.

    How Do Fundraisers Benefit Our Students?
    Fundraising provides funds for valuable activities and enrichment opportunities for our students that are not otherwise provided for by the school district.

    In the 2022-2023 school year, Booster funds were used for library books, Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB), staff appreciation week, book fair, 6th grade graduation party, Principal's Sunshine Fund, and more.

    In the past, Booster funds have been spent on computers, field trips, library books, PE and playground equipment, TVs, and many other projects. In the end, children are always the beneficiaries.

    Who Decides How the Bobcat Booster Funds Are Spent?
    We try to generate about $20,000 per year, on average, to continue the strong support we’ve been able to provide for our school. Budget and financial statements are shared at each meeting to keep everyone informed. Every year the budget is developed and presented to members and the principal at a Bobcat Booster meeting. The membership approves how the money is allocated and spent.