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  • The Math Program at Farmington View benefits all of our students...



Farmington View Parents for Academic Excellence

  • Farmington View Parents for Academic Excellence (FVPAE) is an entirely volunteer based non-profit organization that raises funds for an Accelerated Math Program at Farmington View Elementary School (FVES) in Hillsboro, Oregon. Our organization was founded in 1996 and is recognized as a 501(c)3 organization. Our Tax ID Number is 31-1720292.

    FVPAE Mission
    To provide all FVES students the unique opportunity to achieve academic excellence through an enriched and advanced math curriculum.

    Our Unique Math Program
    FVPAE provides funding for a half time math specialist to teach accelerated math curriculum to qualified fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students.  This benefits all students in grades 4-6 by allowing homeroom teachers to work with smaller groups of students at an appropriate pace.  The Accelerated Math Program is in addition to homeroom teachers allocated by the Hillsboro School District (HSD).  Each school year FVPAE must raise $50,000+ to fund this program for the following school year in order for it to continue.

    More than 25 Years of Success

    • Beginning in 1992 the program was originally school board funded
    • Due to ongoing budget reductions it was to be cut in 1996
    • Concerned and ambitious parents formed FVPAE as a non-profit organization and has been raising money to fund the program ever since
    • FVPAE has found a simple formula to build a generation of students excited about Math!  These children are our future engineers, biologists, doctors, etc.

    How It Works

    • Mrs. Janet Rabe teaches Advanced Math Classes everyday
      • 4th graders learn Advanced 5th grade math
      • 5th graders learn Advanced 6th grade math
      • 6th graders learn 7th and 8th grade math
    • 4th, 5th and 6th Homeroom teachers teach Bridges grade level math everyday
    • By having two levels each student is placed in the appropriate math class for their needs and each classroom size is smaller allowing more personalized instruction at the appropriate pace for each student group.
    • ALL math classes (K-6) are taught individual grade level math despite homeroom split classes allowing focused math instruction for every each grade.

    Key Benefits for All Students (Homeroom and Accelerated)

    • Smaller class sizes!
    • Personalized instruction!
    • Appropriate pace!
    • Higher test scores!
    • Self confidence and personal growth!


    • FVES students have the unique benefit of learning math in a smaller classroom environment.  This is unprecedented in any public school system. 
    • A higher percentage of FVES students meet or exceed state standards compared to the HSD and the State of Oregon each year on a consistent basis.
    • FVES math students thrive across all demographics including "Economically Disadvantaged" and "English Learners".
    • Statistics show that interest in math historically drops off beginning in 5th grade. This does not happen at FVES.
    • Many FVES students enroll in advanced math classes and/or higher math levels when they enter middle school ad continue to excel through high school due to a strong math background learned early and enthusiastically.

    Impacting Middle School, High School and Beyond

    • 7th graders go on to higher level math classes in middle school
      • Homeroom students are often placed in higher level math courses
      • Accelerated students are often placed in Advanced 7th Grade Math, Algebra, or Geometry
    • Capturing early interest and providing an enthusiastic math learning environment has often sparked a passion for math that carries on long into a student’s future including middle school, high school, college, and career!

    Our Annual Goal and How We Achieve It

    • We are currently fundraising for the 2019/2020 school year and we need to raise nearly $60,000.
    • Fundraising activities will include an Appeal to Parents, Grant Writing/Endowment Funding, Bobcat Dash, Jogathon, Bottle and Can Recycling, Community Sponsors, Restaurant Nights, and Bingo Night.

Board Members


    Co-President:  Sierra Kenney Koral
    Co-President:  Cassie Hamelman
    Treasurer:  Jessica Borg
    Secretary:  Lori Christensen
    Recycling Committee Lead: Natasha Garcia
    Magic Math Money (SCRIP) Committee Lead: Alicia Carrigan
    Restaurant Nights Committee Lead: Margie McGuire
    Grants Committee Lead: Kathy Klein
    Community Sponsors Committee Lead: Holly Chandler

    Previous Years:
    2019/2020: Kristin Henry, Mary Tobias, Meghan Randall, Sierra Kenney Koral
    2018/2019: Kristin Henry, Mary Tobias, Meghan Randall, Sierra Kenney Koral
    2017/2018: Mary Tobias, Kristin Henry, Angela Crop, Peggy Harris
    2016/2017: Mary Tobias, Cindy Vuylsteke, Angela Crop, Daye Decker, Peggy Harris
    2015/2016:  Cindy Vuylsteke, Lori Sutton, Sophia Barré, Peggy Harris

    2014/2015:  Himanshu Sinha, Sophia Barré, Cindy Vuylsteke, Peggy Harris,

    2013/2014:  Himanshu Sinha, Peggy Harris, Sophia Barré

    2012/2013:  Melissa Notz, Steve Vuylsteke, Thad Fisco, Robin Burnside, Shay Webb

    2011/2012:  Terry Alexander, Robin Burnside, Shay Webb

    2010/2011:  Terry Alexander, Kathie Cox, Cathy Gambee, Robin Burnside, Shay Webb

    2009/2010:  Terry Alexander, Kathie Cox, Cathy Gambee, Sara Dehoff, Lara Locicero

    2008/2009:  Vicky Egger, Mike Egger, Sara Dehoff, Lara Locicero

    2007/2008:  Vicky Egger, Mike Egger, Trish Rabe, Christine Eaton

    2006/2007:  Ellie Rickett, Trish Rabe

    2005/2006:  Trish Rabe, Ellie Rickett, Clara Steiner-Jay, Jill Butcher, Tracy Steward

    2004/2005:  Kathie Cox, Sharon Arends, Clara Steiner-Jay

    2003/2004:  Kathie Cox, Sharon Arends, Clara Steiner-Jay, Sarah Christensen

    2002/2003:  Clara Steiner-Jay, Sarah Christensen

    2001/2002:  Clara Steiner-Jay, Sarah Christensen, Shelley Volpigno


How Can You Participate?

    • Fundraisers
      • Restaurant Nights - Ongoing
      • Fall Festival - Postponed for 2020
      • Bingo Night - Postponed for 2020
      • Bobcat Dash - May 2020
      • Amos Rich Tree Sale - First two weekends in May 2020
    • Attend FVPAE Meetings (third Thursday every month at 7:00pm)
    • Volunteer to coordinate and/or provide support! We always need your help.
    • Grant Writing/Family Foundations – Identify, Submit, and Follow Up
    • Endowment Funding
    • Retailer Rewards – Earn $$$ for shopping!
      • Simply click here Fred Meyer to link your Rewards Card to the “FVPAE - Farmington View Parents for Academic Excel” Organization # XI926
      • Sign up by clicking here AmazonSmile and then under "Or pick your own charitable organization", enter Farmington Views Parents for Academic Excellence. This will become your charity and you can do all of your Amazon shopping through the AmazonSmile link -- same Amazon, just a different starting point and they give the Math Program money!

How Can You Donate?

  • We are a 501 (c) 3 organization.

    Our Tax ID Number is 31-1720292. All donations are tax deductible.

    Donate Online!

    • New and improved online donation website which allows for recurring donation options, emailed tax receipts, as well as a matching gift search where you can check if your employer offers matching gifts to double your donation!  Donate Online Here!

    Donate By Mail!

    • Mail a check made out to FVPAE and send it to FVPAE, Farmington View Elementary School, 8300 SW Hillsboro Highway, Hillsboro, OR 97123

    Donate In Person!

    Many employers offer an “Employer Matching” program so don’t forget to submit your request!

    Please be sure to note if you would like to make an anonymous donation.

    All donations in any amount are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your consideration!




    Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm virtually. 

    2020 - 2021Dates

    September 24th (4th Thursday)
    October 15th
    November 19th
    December 17th
    January 21st
    February 18th
    March 18th
    April 15th
    May 20th
    June 17th



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