The WRITE Project

  • Writing to Reach, Involve, Teach and Engage
    In 2005, we received the good news that our application for a $6,500 Hillsboro Schools Foundation (HSF) Grant for Innovative Education would be funded.

    This money was used to implement our proposal, The WRITE Project (Writing to Reach, Involve, Teach and Engage). An “Author In Residence” worked with students and teachers in the fall, and another author came in the Spring in conjunction with our Student/Parent Write Night. All students in grades 3-6 wrote and published their own books and grade K-2 students helped write a class book.

    Teachers received additional training in writing focusing on the writing process and the six traits of quality writing. Other activities were planned, including a school literary magazine, a family writing workshop, and student participation in the Oregon Writing Festival.

    We continue to use the "WRITE" wall to showcase selected student writers work each month!

The WRITE Wall

  • The WRITE Wall