LEGO Robotics

  • Welcome to the LEGO ROBOTICS program at Farmington View
    One of the most accomplished robotics programs in Hillsboro, with 13+ years of teams competing in First Lego League.

    First LEGO League
    First LEGO League is an international Lego robotics competition for teams of students in the fourth through eighth grades.

    First LEGO League - This is a competitive academic tournament for 4th through 6th graders with strong emphasis on rewarding great teamwork while learning engineering, communication, and problem-solving skills from coaches, mentors, and other resources.  Teams of approximately six students with two adult volunteers work together to prepare for local and state tournaments.

    • Farmington View has four teams in the 2014/15 competition.
    • Teams begin forming in the Spring for the following school year.
    • Competition begins in early September.
    • Local tournaments are held in December.
    • State tournaments are held in January.
    • For more info on First LEGO League, go to

    Jr. First LEGO League - This program is also a part of First Lego League, but is not competitive.  Students in 1st through 3rd grades (may include 4th graders) learn teamwork, engineering and research skills.  The season culminates at an OMSI Expo similar to a science fair.  Each team presents its work and is given feedback from local experts.  Every team is a winner.

    Sumo Wrestling LEGO Club - Students at all levels in 3rd through 6th grades work together to build and program robots that compete with each other to push the other robot out of the ring.  It is a fun program with an emphasis on learning skills in a play based atmosphere.  This club is unique to Farmington View and is open to any student interested in learning more about programming.  Space is limited and parent volunteers will be needed.