• The old record book in the county superintendent’s office shows that the Jackson School District was established in the year 1851 by H. Lyman, Superintendent.  The Jackson School was so named because the property was a portion of the Jackson donation land claim.  On July 1, 1885 this two acre site where the Jackson School stands was bought from Robert and Amanda Newell for $100.

    A school was constructed sometime after the establishment of the district, just where or when is not indicated.  An open shed of rough boards was part of the original building.  Many students rode to school and it was in this shed that they kept their horses.  A second school was built in approximately 1896 on the original site at the northeast corner of the intersection of West Union and the Jackson School Roads.  Bricks from the school were used in the construction of the current home on the site.

    Joe Meek was clerk of the school board from 1866 to 1873.  The address for this period of time was the Glencoe Post Office.  An 1865 report shows that school was held for only one-fourth of a year.  A county superintendent’s book states that a (teaching) certificate was issued to Miss Olive Meek.  She was Colonel Joe Meek’s eldest daughter and taught at the Jackson School.

    A road leading north from Hillsboro to this day is known as Jackson School Road, and serves as a reminder of the one-room school that once stood there.

    From the Dedication Program of Jackson Elementary School, December 3, 1990