• Our STEM transformation has been led by two teams.

    Our STEM Leadership Team provides education background knowledge and hands on experience for teaching and classroom decisions. This team originally met monthly and now meets quarterly.

    The NIC (networked improvement community) brings in parents and community or business members to support us with a variety of perspectives and expertise.  We appreciate their time giving feedback and suggestions two to three times per school year.

    NIC Members:

    Janeen Sollman, parent alumni, Hillsboro School District Board of Directors, Vernier Software and Technology

    Peter Lalic, parent, Vernier Software and Technology

    Elaine Charpentier Philippi, Business Education Compact

    Mark Watson, parent alumni, TVTI

    Sandie Grinnell, Science and STE(A)M Leadership TOSA, Hillsboro School District/Portland Metro STEM Partnership

    Mike Teegarden, parent, Teegarden Photography

    *Terry Sayre, parent, teacher

    *Jennifer LeCorre, teacher

    *Jane Tesdal, teacher

    *Andrea Schlechter, teacher/After School STEAM Coach

    *Leslie Smith Mayfield, teacher/STEM TOSA

    *Andrew Bekken, Principal       

    *STEM Leadership Team member