Our school mascot is the Lynx!

  • The lynx is a wild cat that lives deep in pine forests and thick scrub of North America and Eurasia. Lynx are generally nocturnal (most active at night), but have peaks of activity at dawn and dusk. They are stealthy creatures and are very elusive or hard to be seen. Rarely have there been sightings here in the Pacific Northwest over the last decade. We take pride in choosing the Lynx as our mascot, because we are one of a kind and are a "rarity". They also have been seen here in the Pacific Northwest on rare occasions!

    Our school colors are green, silver, and white. Green represents the lush green forests of Oregon and the Northwest. It also represents the many farms in the Willamette Valley and the importance of farming in our state. Silver and white represent the colors you will find on our mascot the Lynx.

Logic the Lynx