Dual Language

  • Dual Language in the Hillsboro School District
    The Hillsboro School District began its Spanish-English Dual Language program in 2002 to engage and support the increasingly diverse community we served and continue to serve. With increasingly diverse students enrolling in Hillsboro's Dual Language programs (also referred to as two-way immersion), students are exposed to the same curriculum as their peers while also having the opportunity to learn a second language.  Cultures are explored while students work and learn together, preparing them for a successful future in the multicultural world in which we live.

    Goals of the Program
    Students in dual language programs are presented with the social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism. They gain a second language, a broader vocabulary, and multiple views of the world (Cazabon, Lambert & Heise-Baigorria, 2002). In order to acquire these benefits, the program sets out to accomplish the following goals:

    • Develop high levels of proficiency in Spanish and English.
    • Help students achieve grade level academic performance in Spanish and English.
    • Raise self-esteem for all children.
    • Take advantage of the optimal window of learning a second language during the primary years.
    • Give students an edge in high school, college, and the workplace.
    • Develop bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism.
    • Develop positive cross-cultural attitudes and behavior.

    Is the Dual Language Program Right for Your Family?
    The Dual Language program truly incorporates the entire family. Students learn language during the day, while parents are encouraged to learn the language by night. Children who have a love of learning and support and encouragement from home will find success in the dual language program.

    The program is a good fit for families that:

    • Value other cultures--the people, art, history, etc.
    • Support learning a second language and encourage practicing the language.
    • Are willing to participate in school projects and activities.
    • Are willing to commit to at least 7 years of program participation.

    There are many reasons families choose to participate in the dual language program: career opportunities, multicultural appreciation, and/or the ease of becoming bilingual at an early age. All families who enroll in this program show a commitment to support their child at school and at home.

    What Research Says:

    • Cognitive and linguistic advantages (Lambert, et al., 1993)
    • Higher academic performance (Armstrong & Rogers, 1997)
    • Cultural competency skills (Curtain & Dahlberg, 2004)
    • Self-esteem (Andrade, et al., 1989)

    For more information, visit the Hillsboro School District Dual Language page.