Registering to Volunteer

  • New and returning volunteers need to follow the registration/renewal rules on the district website at  We always appreciate parent participation for our events and activities.


  • Q. Where are the staff bathrooms?

    A: The bathrooms are located in the office, and upstairs by the student bathrooms.


    Q. Where are the workrooms?

    A: There is one at the end of the classroom hallway, by the second grade classrooms, one upstairs by the third grade classrooms, and the main workroom in the main office.


    Q. Do I have to sign in on the clipboard and the computer?

    A: Yes you do. The clipboard sign in is used to account for those in the building in case of an emergency. The computer sign in helps us track volunteer hours and contact information.


    Q. Do I have to wear a badge?

    A: Yes you do. It helps the staff to identify those of us who are verified and signed in. Please wear one.


    Q. Do I need to complete a background check to volunteer?

    A: Yes you do. In order to volunteer in classrooms, or on field trips, you need to have completed our online background check. Link: